Waiting for You

Sylvia is a waitress at Nando's who gets minimum wage. One day, she waits a table for known other than One Direction. She then falls head over heels for Harry Styles. But...does he lover her back? Or does he still love his old girlfriend, Charlotte? Only time will tell...just waiting


2. The Spill

Slyvia's P.O.V:

    They ordered, and I brought them there drinks. Every time I came, it seem like Harry wanted to spend more time with me then the person he brought. "Excuse, what's your name?" he asked. "Sylvia," I told him. "Well, Sylvia, I hope we get good service!" he smiled.  We chatted for a bit. I felt a little bad for the girl, but I was also a little glad that he was talking to me mostly. I said I had to go, even though I didn't. I was just nervous, because I would be mad at Harry too if he spent most of the time looking for "the waitress, Sylvia". Ugh. I brushed it off. I went outside again, by the alley. It was summer, and yes it was cold but not cold enough where I would be freezing. So I waited until somebody would come and tell me I had bring there food. Half an hour went by, and sure enough, David, the manager, came. He said I was very late and the food was getting cold. Oh dear! I hope it wasn't! It wasn't usually, anyway. I ran inside. I got the food. I did that quickly, but I guess too quickly, because suddenly I went falling. The platter fell. I was so embarrassed! "Charlotte, I saw that!!! What was that for?!" I heard, it was Harry. I guess Charlotte was his girlfriend. "What do you mean?!" she yelled back. Harry stood up. "You tripped her! Why do you always do this?! You always end up hurting people! We're done!" Harry was furious, I could tell. "But we just got back together! How could you Harry?!" and with that Charlotte kicked me and ran out. What a bit- My thoughts were interrupted by a hand pulling me up. "Are you alright?" It was Harry. "Thanks, just a little sore," I said. It hurt very bad. I was in a lot of pain. I also felt hurt from falling the other day in the bathroom, I always faint. "Ow..." I said, and it got black.

Harry's P.O.V:

    She fainted! I knelt down on the ground. "Sylvia? Sylvia are you alright?" I carried her in my arms. She was very light. Nobody really noticed. I was surprised, but then again it was a very busy night. I brought her inside my car in the back seat. I wondered where Charlotte went. Oh well. I didn't care about her anymore. All I cared about was trying to help Sylvia. I decided to just bring her to my house for fear that she might faint at the hospital if she sees that I took care of her. I started the engine, and drove. It didn't take that long. I went inside the house while carrying her. I rested her on my bed. I layed down next to her, just to make sure if she didn't wake up soon then she would see me first. I was worried about her. I could tell she was cold, so I put a blanket over her. I turned out the lights. Might as well, I thought, and fell asleep.

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