Waiting for You

Sylvia is a waitress at Nando's who gets minimum wage. One day, she waits a table for known other than One Direction. She then falls head over heels for Harry Styles. But...does he lover her back? Or does he still love his old girlfriend, Charlotte? Only time will tell...just waiting


3. A Very Good Morning

Sylvia's P.O.V:

    I woke up, but my eyes didn't open. This happened a lot. I waited. "Hello?" I called. I didn't know where I was. "Hello, Sylvia! I'm glad your up," a husky British voice said. Well, it obviously wasn't my Mom. She would never say that to me. She'd just yell, 'Charlotte, get up before I bring the bucket!' Yikes. I shivered. The "bucket" was a bucket full of icy cold water that I did encounter before. I swear, she must've gotten it from Antarctica because it was SO cold! But that was when I was younger. I missed her- "Sylvia?" I heard the same voice just in a whisper. I opened my eyes. Finally, I thought. I saw a handsome boy with brown curly hair and these green eyes that looked like they were always for searching for mine. I now realized who it was. Harry Styles! I was more than over joyed!!! "Where am I?" I asked, pretending to be clueless. He played right along. "Your in safe arms," Harry said and picked me up like a baby. I giggled. He gently put me back on the bed. "Sylvia?" he asked, smiling huge. "Yes?" I replied. Harry just kept smiling and laid next to me. His eyes were still searching. He found mine. "Sylvia, could I help you? You know...Maybe take care of you?" Honestly, he looked kind of desperate. I nodded, saying "Yes, I would love that," I winked. "It would be a great help!" He looked relieved. I was glad I had a new boyfriend. Wait...What am I saying?! He didn't even ask me! Well, I guess I was just eager. I wanted to love this boy, and I could tell he wanted to love me.

Harry's P.O.V:

    Oh, how much I wanted to care for her! She looked so tired and lonely. I wanted to be her man. Her dark hair was short, and her eyes were this light blue green that I couldn't explain. She was so beautiful. I decided I would cook breakfast for her, so I went out of the bedroom. She followed. "Aw, are you going to make me breakfast?" Sylvia asked. "Yes, I am," I said, and kissed her on the cheek. She started to blush. I could tell she hasn't had a boyfriend in a long time or never. I felt bad for a girl so sweet and beautiful so far never got a guy she deserved. I hoped I was worthy to her. I started making her scrambled eggs and bacon. She ate them all gladly. I smiled. I was glad she ate, she was so thin. We talked for a while. She told me about how she got minimum wage, and how she wish she had more friends or maybe even a boyfriend. The way she said "boyfriend" she looked into my eyes like she wanted me to be the one. I was always searching in her eyes, because it seemed as though I could never figure her out. It killed me, but I kept trying as many times as I got. I wanted her to tell me more stories, but I knew she wouldn't until we got to know each other better. I hoped.


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