My friend kristen

Hi! This is my entry for, The silence Competision.


2. 2

I came into class the next day, everyone went silent they all new ts was me, i silenced kristen Lopez. 

"You said some mean things last night Chelsea" said Anthony  looking me in the eyes. 

But i couldn't look at him back.  Everyone i passed gave me a dark look, some people swore, and i felt a punch in the back from someone. It hurt, but it couldn't of hurt as much as how kristen was feeling. 

I ran over to chelsea and said i was so sorry. But she said nothing. Tears welled up in my eyes, i was going to cry in front of everyone, Miss Sharn looked at me and told me to come outside. She rushed me over to the Silence Room.

We sat down i was very quite. "What wrong kristen?" said Miss Sharn sympathetically. I stared at her hard, Did she really think i was going to say that easily?

"What ever it is you can tell me." said Miss Sharn

No i couldn't. She calls herself a teacher?  She rubbed my arm but i wriggled away and shot out the room and out of the school building. It was raining hard, my skin was soaking i ran and ran,until i had no idea where i was.

I hid under a bus shelter sobbing now. My phone made a tingling bell noise i got it out of my pocket , kristen's name showed i clicked the message. MY BROTHER KNOWS, AND YOU HAVE DRIVEN ME TO SILENCE. That was it, i would talk to Mathew. But not now, i had no idea where i was and i had no money. I wiped my eyes with my sleeve and walked to the edge of the road. I would hitch a lift. I stuck my hand out right into the road, if i had put it out any further it would have been taken off. 

A black estate car pulled up to the side of the road, "So where are you going?" said the driver. He turned his head,it was Mathew.    



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