My friend kristen

Hi! This is my entry for, The silence Competision.


1. 1

I silenced Kristen  Lopez, me.

I new that when i was called to to the head mistress's office something was wrong.



"Boring!" i mummered to kristen,as we sat in Mr Henderson's maths class. "Talk about it" kristen grumbled. I kicked the table in frustration. "Zara Smith!" shouted Mr Henderson "Come back after class!" he carried on. I groaned. "Wait for me ok?" i said to Carla.


I served a 15min detention writing lines that stated: I WILL CONTROL MY TEMPER. Mr Henderson dismissed me. I opend the door and Carla was slouched on the floor. "What took you?" moaned Carla "You know Mr Henderson" i replied. 

We set of down the street. "Shall we go down the passage instead today?" said Carla very quickly. "Why?" i asked. She gave me a look that meant i want to tell you something. I shrugged and then nodded. We were silent until we got down to the short cut. "So?!" i gabbled. Carla took a deep breath in. "Come on!" i said. "You can't tell anyone ANYONE" said Carla sternly.

"Yes yes!" i said. Carla gently cupped her hands round my ear "I have a crush on my brother." whispered Carla. 

"WHICH ONE?" i said. "sshhhhh!" whispered Carla. But i was in fits of giggles. "Mathew" she whispered. I changed my tune imedeatly. "How could you?" i said angrily. Mathew had bullied me for two years strait.  I stared into to Carla's misty blue eyes. "I hate you" i said. I turned away and began walking down the other end of the passage. I heard Carla shouting at me angrily but i didn't answer.   


When i got home i ran upstairs to my room, tears in my eyes. I sat down at the desk in my room, drumming my nails on the table. I looked at my laptop, and had an idea i lifted the lid and logged onto Facebook, i posted this to everyone i new. I felt evil, but i didn't care. I texted all my friends about this, even Carla.               


I new what i did was wrong, but i still did it. Later that night i lay in my bed sobbing, i felt heartless and very guilty. I came into school the next day, i tried to talk to Carla. But she didn't answer, she never did.



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