one chance xx

Katelin is troubled by her dad.... and really wants to be with zayn but her dad disoproves of him. Will he allow them to be together?


1. one chance xx

Katlin is 18. Shes a nice girl, brown hair,brown eyes and the BEST smile. Do you know who also did? Her next door neighbor, Zayn Malik. She was hopelessly in love with him. His glistening brown hair and his gleaming eyes. Every time they saw each other he would give a smirk and a wink. She would also loose control when she saw him she would bump and crash into things. One summers day, Katlin went to pull out the annoying weeds out of the wall in her garden,it separates her garden and zayns garden. She was tugging and pulling on the weed but suddenly, thud! She had fallen into zayns garden. He ran outside to she what the noise was about. He saw her and wondered why she was there. He asked if she was ok while holding her hand. She said yes while giggling. She took quite a hard fall because she was in pain from her ankle. He carried her into his house and offered her a drink. Zayn then wrapped a bandage around her ankle and gently laid it on the sofa. He gave her company, they talked, and laughed. He saw something in Katlin eyes and he fell for her. He laid a kiss on her head. She pulled him back by yanking his hand and pulling him close to her, he was ecstatic! Her dad called and she was scared. He didnt like him. Zayn was pulling his car up and had dented her dad's car. He was frustrated with him and had a massive argument. He asked Katlin where she was and she said at a friends house. She said " i'm so sorry we'll meet again!" She had trouble running she limped to her house. Her dad asked her what was wrong and she said her and her friend had gone roller skating and fell. She was up late, texting zayn. They were sort of going out. This had been going on for a while, they had many dates and things, they did this secretly so dad wouldn't find out. Katlin's dad then said him and her mother are going out to see another family for the weekend. She was really annoyed because she wanted alone time with zayn. so when it came to that weekend, she said she was ill. Katlin was'nt really sick but she wanted to be with her boyfriend. when mum and dad left, she called zayn to come over, he was excited she invited him. when he came, they hugged, kissed and talked. while they were kissing, Katlin recognized the sound of her dads car! she ran to the window and was wondering why he was there. he had forgotten something, and they heard her dad pulling out the keys, but before they could run her dad spotted zayn. he was absolutely FURIOUS. He screamed at her saying 'Why is this hooligan here??'.  Katlin explained what they had been doing behind his back. 'Dad, seriously im so extremely happy with him. we REALLY love each other! Dad i love you, but you please need to accept the fact that im in love now.' she said excitedly. Her dad smiled then turned and slowly walked out the door. a few minutes later he comes back with flowers hands it to zayn to give to Katlin, and whispered to him 'Make my daughter happy.'

They were absolutely relieved to here they could no longer be a secret couple <3





                                                       THE END.

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