Would You Be My Valentine?

The most craziest One Direction Valentine's day ever....


1. Would You Be My Valentine?


My name is Lana and I'm 15 years old. I'm gonna tell you my craziest Valentine's day ever...  


I woke up very early this morning. My phone was still playing 'Forever Alone by Joey and Frank', which reminded me, that today was VALENTINE'S DAY! Yea, I was excited, even thought  i am single. I putted a small amount of make-up, and I curled my hair. I got dressed, and quickly ran downstairs, and had 5 minute breakfast. I missed the bus, so my dad drove me to school. I meet my best friend Karin in front of the Biology class, where we had our first lesson. We were learning about the human cell. During  the break Karin started criticizing  my outfit. »Wow, you look pretty today....specially that shirt.«  gotta say« she laughed. I smirked. »But if it's true!« she was determined. »whatever« I said to her. We walked to our lockers, to get our sport equipment . When I opened my locker a piece of paper fell down.I didn't saw it tho. I took my pair of converses and I closed it. »C'mon Karin, hurry! We're gonna be late for class!« I shouted across the hall. »Hey, you drop something!« she shouted back. »What?« she showed me the paper. »Nahh, that's not mine, now hurry up!« I said back. »But it felt out of your locker if you didn't noticed.« -»I didn't saw it, so that's not mine, now come oon!!« -»I won't move from here till you read this, whatever it is.« she said. I walked there, and grabbed the paper. It was written:

  Happy Valentines Day Love!  


 Roses are red

Violets are blue,

Nothing in this crazy world 

Could keep me from loving you!    


Meet your crazy admirer at the coffee house at 4pm. Xoxo <3     


 »what does it says, what does it says???« was impatient Karin. »I'l tell you later, NOW LET'S GO!« i said, and walked away. During P.E. I was thinking about that letter, if I can call it that way. I wasn't focused on the lessons that day, all that was going through my mind was that  poem, and » Meet your crazy admirer at the coffee house...«.That poem was so cute, but I wondered - Who is that? The big question in my head. I was very curious. It's the first time I got a 'letter' written like that. I've got right to be excited.


Karin was asking me questions all day. When school ended, Me and Karin sat on the bench, and I explained everything: »..at coffee house at 4pm..« -»Ahh..that romantic bullshit.« she smirked. »I wonder who it is...« I said. »maybeeeeeeeee......it's that one!« she pointed to a random boy, that walked by. »stop it..!« i put her hand down. »I know what are we gonna do to find out!« she said. »what,what?« i asked. –»You're gonna go to the coffee house at 4pm, and we'll see who shows up!« »okay .....if I have to....but you have to admit, that thing he wrote is very romantic right?« -»bye Lana...« she walked away. I think she was tired of my bullshit. in a way i understand her.    We agreed, that she's gonna come to my house, and walked me to gas station, which is next to coffe house. »I'm hereeeeeeee!« shouted Karin, as she walked through the do-o-or. »Come upstairs!« I said back. »LET'S GOOooo... seriously those earrings?« she started. »Let's just go...« i said, and pushed us through the door.  »What should i say?« I asked her. »i don't know, whatever he's gonna ask. You just smile.« she answered. »That's all? I just smile....« -»Yup, It's simple but effective, trust me.« said Karin. She isn't into that romantic stuff, but sometimes she has some deep sentences. »Okay, we're here. Now go, and I'll call you later!« -»okay, have fun...« she winked me.


I entered the coffe shop,surprisely it was empty. It seemed weird to me, but I thought he'll come any second. I waited, and waited, till the waitress brought me a coup of tea. It seemed weird to me, becouse I didn't order anything. I noticed a small note on the mug. It was saying: »meet me in the parking lot ;*« I didn't even think about it twice, but I just went to the parking lot. I was so sick of playing games, so I was a little angry. When I came around the comer, I saw Zayn standing there. I came closer, and he was staring to the ground. Second later I noticed, that on the ground, it was written: 'WOULD YOU BE MY VALENTINE?' the moment I read it, he revealed a red rose, that he was hiding behind his back. I couldn't stay mad at him c'mon! »awwww...« I gigled, and OBVIOUSLY said yes, as I took the rose. He smiled.He was so perfect in the moonlight, I can't even describe it.  We were standing there smiling at each other for a minute, but it seemed to me like forever... which I liked it. »KISS HIM ALREADY!!« I heard a shout from the nearest bush. »Karin?!?!« I asked. »hii...« she smiled to me awkwardly. »I told you to go home!« -»But...but I had to be here!!«.   »KISS HER ALREADY!!« I heard again, but it was a male voice. »What?!? Are you spying on us too?« Zayn asked. I saw Louis' shadow, behind the dumbster. »Oh..hey Zayn....« said Louis. » Great, just great. I was planning this for weeks, and now is al ruined!!« was angry Zayn. –»noo..it's perfect, I love it! Who said it's ruined? It's the best valentine I ever had!« I tried to calm him. »Oh.....hey gorgeous!« whispered Louis at Karin. Like we wouldn't hear him talking. Karin awkwardly smiled at him, I SAW SHE WAS BLUSHING, but she did't admit it. Typical Karin. So, the rest of the conversation between me & Zayn, and Louis & Karin is not that interesting.


But the most romantic thing comes now... »Let's go, I found my valnetine, c'mon Zayn and Lana, I'll drive you two love birds home. »Naah, it's okay, We'll rather take a walk.« said Zayn, and looked at me. »Byee!!« I waved to Karin, as they drived away drived away, and then there was just me & Zayn. I was cold, because I didn't know we're gonna be outside, so I wore a tank top. Zayn noticed that, so he gave me his jacket. Romantic right? I was going crazy, but i didn't want to show it. »I don't know if you're into walking, so I got US something different...« he said, as he brought his skateboard, that was leaning on the wall. He took my hand,and I carefully step on the skateboard. He got on, and putted his arms around my waist. You could tell by now, that i was going completely insane, and blushing like crazy. We drove throguh the streets, and stopped in front of my house. »It couldn't be more perfect.« I said, and he leaned to me, and lightly kissed me. »I love you« -»I love you too« I answered. »Se you tomorrow« he added, and with a wink, he was gone.    Soo...that was my CRAZIEST valentine's day. I will never forget it.


Ufcourse me & Zayn are happy togheter. Even Karin found her prince charming. And we lived happily ever after.

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