Vatines day... Niall horan one shot

This is a small valentines one shot I've done on Niall and well yeah... I just hope you enjoy


1. Valentines day...

|~Third Person POV~|

Zoe skipped along the florist, with flowers in mind for no one particular. Maybe for herself to display on the table to pretend she was a nineteen year old who receives flowers from a mysterious admirer, when in actual fact, she was a single nineteen year old who was buying herself flowers.

"hi there Zoe," greeted the florist Holly, who was behind the truckload of customers. It was valentines day after all.

"can I have some red roses, holly?" called Zoe. Holly looked around, flustered.

"I'm so sorry, we're out of those. What else can u tempt you with?"

Zoe pushed he brunette hair out of her face, glancing round at the flowers. Peonies, tulips, lilies. None were as tempting or romantic as the blood red roses, or any other colour roses, for that matter.

"No, thanks, Holly," Zoe declined. Zoe dragged Et feet along the path. Alone on valentines day. Her friends had gone off with there boyfriends. Her mother was with her farther. She could only wish for her best friend Niall to be with her, but he had made excuses, claiming he was busy.

"you're leaving me along on Valentines day?!" Zoe's had screeched at him. "What kind of best friend are you?"

"I'm sorry, Zoe!" Niall had sighed. "but I'm busy."

Zoe's put the key in the lock of her house, hovering her foot over the step. Then she noticed a red rose lying on the porch, next to a note.

'Zoe, you're my one and only.'

"aww!" Zoe cried. This was a valentines day.

Zoe stepped inside her house, racking her brains as to who had sent her the note and flower. She felt her stomach rumble, and ventured into the kitchen for a sandwich.

"oh god..." she whispered. The bread knife was replaces with a pink rose, which was attached to another note.

'You're my only direction.'

"Aww, this is so cute!" she squealed, just feeling a little wary of someone in her house. Could be a madman rapist, for all she knew. Zoe made the sandwich after finding the bread knife in the sink. Yet another note lay on her chair, next to this time, a white rose.

'Do you know what makes you beautiful? Everything about you.'

Zoe smiled to herself, gathering up all the roses into a glassy how utterly sweet. She sank down on the sofa, switching on MTV. Another note was taped to her TV screen, with another yellow rose.

'it's gotta be you, and only you.'

These lines were getting a little too cliche. Clearly her admirer was a Prode as Prejudice fan or something.

'you've got that one thing.' was stuck to her mirror, alongside a dark pink rose.

'you stole my heart, give it back ;)'

Zoe read that from her favourite jumper. Who was her admirer? Suddenly, One Thing by her best friends band One Direction blared for her living room. Zoe jumped out of her skin.

"you scared the living day lights out of me!" she yelled to whoever was in her house.

Niall stood there, nervously clutching something behind his back.

"MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES!" she shouted at him. Niall produced a huge bouquet of red roses.

"oh my gosh...." Zoe whispered. A little note was taped to the wrapping.

'Zoe, I love you. Be my valentine?'

Zoe swallowed. "did you not get it?" Niall asked incredulously , almost laughing. "you'rey ONE and only, you're my DIRECTION, quoting my own songs. It was me, Zoe. I wanted to create the perfect Valentines day for you. I can't belivet you didn't guess me, I'm the only one with a key to your house."

"so that's where all te roses went...." she whispered.

"I love you Zoe," Niall said quietly. Zoe pounced on him.

"I love you too, Nialler," she laughed happily. What a perfect valentines day.

|~The End~|

Hope you enjoyed it
Chloe x
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