Save you Tonight


4. 4

"Girlfriend?" I questioned as my eyes became watery.

" sorry, its for managament cause they said that two of us have to have girlfriends so it was me and Louis," Liam responded "I still love you." he whispered in my ear as we got to his flat. At least his feelings for me havent changed like mine havent for him.

"I still love you too." I said as we entered his flat to face 6 faces, 4 guys and 2 girls.

"Hello guys this is Sammi a really good friend of mine." Liam stated.

"Hello." I said shyly.

"A really good friend that you are 'in love' with?" the curly chick questioned a bit rudely as she looked me up and down in discust.

"Rachel! Hey im Eleanor! Dont mind her, I can already tell we are going to be really good friends." the girl with straight hair said as she gave me a hug which I returned. Out of the side of my eye I saw the cute curly guy look me up and down and smirk.

"Hello love im Louis!" the guy with stripes said as he hugged me "Do you like carrots?" he whisper-asked me.

"Nope," I said in which he pouted "I love them!" I exclaimed as he then spun me around in his arms.

"WE ARE NOW BESTEST FRIENDS!" he exclaimed as he placed me back down.

"Ello Sammi, I am Niall!" the blonde irish guy spoke as he hugged me. Why is his hair blonde?

"Oh that? Well I had a baby chick when I was 6 years of age and I tried to feed it Nandos and the police officials toom it away from me due too forced cannibalism. I never gotten over the loss of my baby chick, so I pay tribute by dying my hair blonde and making it all fluffy." he responded feeling a bit guilty.

"Awww im sorry! If it helps I did the same to my fish." I said as Liam gave me a weird look.

"Is that what happened to Elmo?" Liam questioned, as I nodded and tears started to form in my eyes.

"Wow you are crying over a stupid fish? I meas seriously grow the fuck up." Rachel spoke.

"Bitch, you cant tell us what to do." I said, as everyone 'ooooo'ed.

"I can do what ever the hell I want to do." she said as she took steps forward like I did.

"Oh ya?" I questioned as I slapped her.

"What are you gonna do about that?" I asked as she held her face.

"Your not worth my time." she said as she pushed past me and started snogging with Liam. I dont know what came over me, somehow I was making-out with someone. I opened my eyes and saw Harry...

"Wana move this up to the room?" he questioned, as I nodded in responce.

"Im gonna go help Sammi to her bedroom. She will be staying in my room." Harry announced as he led me up to his room and started kissing me all over.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked looking into my eyes, I just nodded and put my hands on my face to hide the embarassment.

"Its alright...just let me know when to stop. Ok?" he asked as he removed my hands from my face and started kissing me, while letting his hands travel my body, baby kisses trailing up and down my neck. He then picked me up and gently placed me on his bed hovering over top of me as he took my shirt off, and started to kiss my chest.

"H-Harry?" I questioned.

"Yes love?" he asked.

"Im not ready im sorry...maybe some other time." I spoke as tears started to fill my eyes.

"Babe, please dont cry! I know what you mean, its too soon." he said as he pecked my lips and wipped my tears away.

"Have you ever feel in love?" I questioned out of the blue.

" in love right now." he said. "what about you?" he asked looking down at me.

"Same for me." I whispered as he crashed his lips onto mine our lips moving in sync together. Just then the door opened.

"Harr- oh nevermind, come down when you want to...Sammi we have to talk too." I heard Liam say as he then left the room.

"Oh god...what did I do?" I asked myself as I put my shirt back on.

"Haha its alright, its Liam that needs to talk to you not Louis or Niall or Zayn.." Harry said as he kissed me one last time, then we left the room.

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