Save you Tonight


3. 3

-1 month later-

The car ride was silent, dad was too busy concentrating on the road as he was thinking real deep and hard.

"Sammi?" he asked as he looked at me from the rear view mirror, then back to the road.

"Ya?" I questioned.

"Im sorry for everything that has been happening. I am truely sorry. I have no idea what has gotten into me." he apologised as a tear escaped his eye.

"Its alright Dad, I forgive you." I said as I hugged him from the back since I was in the back seat.

"No, its not alright. I hurt you. I hurt my own daughter." he said as he looked at me from the rear mirror once again, this time not taking his eyes off.

"Its alright. Trust me its alright." I lied. You have no idea how much pain he has put me through, not even he knows.

"ITS NOT FU-" he was cut off by a semi-truck coming right at us, dad pushed me out of the car me landing in someones arms as dad was then dead by the sounds of it.

"Hello there love! Are you alright?" he asked me as he sat down on the curb.

"Uh...ya. Thank you," I replied as I looked up "Liam?" I questioned.

"I thought I lost you! Your coming to live with us." he said.

"Us? Who's us?" I asked confused.

"My band mates....and uh girlfriend." he said, but whispered the end part, that shattered my heart on the spot.

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