Save you Tonight


2. 2


"Liam Payne you have made it through to the Judges House!" me and Dad heard from the TV, causing us both the jump up and cheer.

"It seems we have a major announcement, we will be right back after this announcement!" the host said as they went on to the message.

"It seems as if we have had a major car accident, one person in one car and 4 in the other." the lady said as two cars appeared, both seemed to be matched like they were a puzzle. One lime green SUV and the other a cherry red colour. Just like my moms. But no my mom is at work right? Just then my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I answered bringing the phone to my ear.

"Do you know where your mum is? She is late for work." my mom's boss Robin asked concerned.

"She left, and should be over there." I said as I started to bite my finger nails.

"Well thanks anyway, let me know if you hear any information about her." he said as we said our goodbyes and hung up.

"Ok we found out that the person in the cherry red SUV is a young lady, age 32 and goes by the name Amber Ray." the TV spoke. Thats when me and dad ran out to the car and sped off to the hospital only to see mum just pulling in. Yup, that was mum.

4 hours, 3 minutes, and 20 seconds later

"Im sorry, she didnt make it." the male doctor said as he hugged me, now its time for me and dad to go hime.

Arriving at the house

"Go to your room Sammi." dad demanded as he went to the cabinet and took out his beer that he hid. I did as told, not even 2 hours later dad came to my room, drunk and holding a glass bottle that was empty.

"Come here!" he yelled, I did as told cause I always listened to him. But then...he slammed the glass bottle on my head causing me to be out cold.

-End of flashback-

"Thats when the abuse started." I finished as we both were hugging each other.

"SAMMI GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE! WERE LEAVING NOW!" dad shouted from downstairs.

"I cant let you go!" Liam whisper shouted holding me back from leaving.

"Yes...I haved to." I said as I got loose from his grip and made my way to the door.

"I love you Sammi. More than a bestfriend. More than a sister. Sammi, I am in love with you." he said in a hoarse voice.

"I love you too....goodbye Liam." I whispered as I then left leaving Liam alone in my room. I cant believe I just did that.

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