Save you Tonight


1. 1

There I sat in the middle of my bed, my back against the wall and fingers hovering over the keybored as I talked to my bestfriend Liam Payne. He was telling me about how he auditioned for x-factor once again and made it through, winning in 3rd place making a new band that they call One Direction. If you were wondering how I was talking to him, well he snuck into my house last night and slept over like we did in the past with each other. I finally shut my laptop and placed it besides me since there was nothing really to do on the internet and it was better by just talking to my bestfriend.

"So now that I told you my stories, its your turn to talk. I haven't heard your lovely voice for the past year." Liam said as he placed a hand on my knee.

"Nothing really. Its pretty much been the same since then, but a few changes." I said with a small yet fake smile. I hate lying to my bestfriend it just kills me inside that I cant tell him whats been going on.

"Like what?" he questioned, just as we heard stomping upstairs.

"Hide!" I whisper shouted as I pointed towards the closet door, he went into the closet looking nothing more than puzzled. My dad and Liam were really close in the past, but then...changes happened. Just then my room door burst open, appearing before my eyes was my dad. More like monster. Ya I like the sound of that, my monster.


"I was talking to myself." I lied.

"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO ANSWER WITH NOTHING BUT AN APPOLOGY?!" he yelled as he slapped me sending me to the ground groaning in pain as I held my cheek.

"Im sorry." I whispered as tears began to fall.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SLAPPING AN INNOCENT GIRL!" I heard Liam yell as he burst through the closet door with pure anger struck across his face.

"Liam? Is that you?" my dad asked as he calmed down a bit.

"DONT START THIS 'Liam is that you' SHIT WITH ME! WHY THE HELL DID YOU SLAP HER?" Liam yelled as he stood infront of me like he was my sheild.

"Sammi. Get ready we are moving in a month." Dad said completely ignoring Liam's question, then left the room slamming the door.

"Your not going." Liam stated as he faced me.

"I have to go though. I dont want to put you guys in danger." I said, as tears began to fall continuously.

"Sammi...I cant let him hurt you anymore that what he has done. Tell me everything that has been happening since I left." he demanded as he sat down on my bed pulling me onto his lap.

"Ok so it all started two days after you left...." I began.

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