Under the Sun

Hailey is sent on cruise by her parents so that they can get her out of her hair. On board, she meets a cute boy but as she is just getting to know him a terrible disaster happens.


2. Up all night


Hailey’s P.O.V

The music pounds in my ears as I drink another appletinee at the bar. I thought this was going to be more fun but as I sit hopelessly on the barstool, I decide to go home. I stand up from my seat and start to walk to the exit but somebody catches my wrist and pulls me into an embrace. Too drunk to protest I go with it. I look up into the eyes of the person and realise who I was dancing with: Niall from One Direction.

I give a little whimper in surprise but he hushes me. I stop thinking, stop worrying and that’s when it happens. A loud wailing begins and people start rushing out of the room. Niall attempts to pull me out of the room but I protest, confused from the alcohol. He gives up and sweeps me up into his arms. He races out of the room and onto the deck. I have the feeling that something bad is happening. I blank out.


Niall’s P.O.V.

I spot her sat across the room. She looks stunning and my heart skips a beat. I find it hard to control myself so I decide to do something about it. I attempt to walk coolly across the room to her but I trip and nearly fall on my face. Luckily, she doesn’t see but she gets up to leave. Acting quickly, I catch her by the wrist and pull her into an embrace. Surprisingly, I do this smoothly and am quite surprised that I have not made an idiot of myself...yet.

She whimpers but I hush her and a slow song comes on at that very moment. We dance for a few minutes but suddenly I loud siren sound begins. I panic and try to locate the rest of the boys. I can’t see them and start to freak out.

Then I realise that I need to get this girl out of here. I don’t even know her name... but then I it, written in gold on her necklace. Hailey. I try to pull her out of the room but she becomes resistant and I have to pick her up in my arms. Her head drops and I know that she has fainted, probably from the alcohol: I saw her gulping down drink after drink. She looked depressed.

Outside on the deck, everything starts happening in slow motion. I find Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We find a lifeboat but as the ships starts to tilt, the lifeboat is lowered into the water before all of us are in it. Liam jumps in at the last second. The last thing I remember is a wave sloshing over us and the lifeboat being overturned.

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