Under the Sun

Hailey is sent on cruise by her parents so that they can get her out of her hair. On board, she meets a cute boy but as she is just getting to know him a terrible disaster happens.


1. Live while we're young


Hailey’s P.O.V

I stand in front of the looming object and look up.  My parents sent me on a cruise to get me out of their hair for 3 months. They’re a real drag; always telling me what to do and how to do it. They call sending me on a vacation a ‘punishment’ but actually it’s the best thing that has happened this year.

I struggle to heave the bags I am carrying up the gangway. They contain the essentials that I need. Let me just get one thing straight; don’t judge me just because my parents are rich. I’m nothing like them but do have manners.

‘Can I help?’ he asks in a strong Irish accent. I look him up and down. A boy about my height stands in front of me, grinning. He is wearing a polo, khaki shorts, and converses and had gelled-up blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Something was tugging at me from the inside, telling me that I knew him from somewhere but I just couldn’t place where. ‘Sure’, I reply after some while. A look of relief passes over his face and he heaves my black suitcase up, his face becoming flushed and I can’t help smiling. ‘Thanks’, I stammer.


‘So… are you on this cruise?’


‘Cool’. There is an awkward silence which is broken by the bellow of the ship’s horn. ‘Gotta Go’ I state.

‘Me too’, he replies. We break apart and I start towards one of the ship’s entrance doors.  I toss one look behind my back before stepping inside.

I gasp. I know my parents are well-off but I didn’t expect them to ‘reward’ me like this.

There are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and all the staff are dressed in stylish uniforms. The floors are carpeted and there is classical music playing softly in the background. I go to the main desk and tell them my name.

‘Hailey,’ I say.

They give me two cabin keys and a brochure about the activities and rooms on the cruise liner. I struggle to find my room, 257B, but after finally locating it with some help from a very enthusiastic staff member; I swipe the plastic card and open the door to my room. I flip off my sandals and jump onto the cushy, luxurious king bed. I browse through the channels on the TV, drink some lemonade from the mini-fridge and then decide to have a look around.

As I walk through the hallways, admiring the rich, red carpets and the gorgeous gold handrails, I sigh. Three months by myself is a long time. My thoughts are interrupted by the laughter of boys. I quicken my pace and just around the corner a door is ajar. Light pours from there into the dimly-lit hallway. I peek through the door and on a bed; being tickled by four others is a boy with curly hair and green eyes. He looks up for a brief second, spotting me. Then I saw the blonde boy from earlier on. I blush and spin around. I run back to my room and slam the door shut.

My heart is racing and I am breathless. Just then I remember hearing the four boys teasing the curly-haired boy about tonight. Tonight? I leap over to my bed and pounce upon the leaflet I had received earlier. I look at activities for tonight. There is nothing on… but the waves nightclub was open. I decide to treat myself.

I take a shower, brush my teeth, do my makeup and slip on my favourite black clubbing dress and strap heels. I then take a moment to pause and add another entry to my blog.  I put on my earrings and hurry out the door, eager to meet to blonde boy again.


Niall’s P.O.V

As I get ready to go to the nightclub, I begin to get nervous and I can feel my cheeks getting red. Realising this, I blush more. Why am I like this? It is just I night out with Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry—

My thoughts are interrupted by Louis calling for me to hurry up and stop hogging the bathroom. I open the door.

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