Under the Sun

Hailey is sent on cruise by her parents so that they can get her out of her hair. On board, she meets a cute boy but as she is just getting to know him a terrible disaster happens.


4. Hungry for more than mangos

Hailey's P.O.V

As we head over to clump of palm trees that awkwardly stand out from the others, I take in everything. I AM STUCK ON AN ISLAND...WITH PART OF ONE DIRECTION!!!! I scream in my head. I am not a crazy directioner, but I love their music. I feel my face grow hot when I think about Niall and suprisingly, Harry as well.

Niall, being his goofy self, runs ahead awkwardly. He has spotted something and by the look on his face, I can tell it is food. He disappears into the clump of palm trees for a while but reappears with two juicy mangoes in his hands. I bite my bottom lip- despite the fact that we are stranded on an island with one direction, I think I have a crush on Niall, which is stupid because I know that it will only make me feel nervous and act stupid around him. The small group of us huddle together as Niall attempts to split the mango equally. Suddenly, Liam speaks to me and I jump out of my skin. Everyone, including me laughs.


Niall's P.O.V

I dig into my mango as Liam asks Hailey the question again. 'So, tell us about yourself,' Liam says. Hailey starts speaking nervously, explaining how she was sent on a cruise by her parents. I grin to myself when she says the bit about me helping her with her bags but immediately stop when I realize what I have done. I look up from my juicy fruit when I hear muffled sniggering and when I feel many eyes staring at me. My eyes dart up and see that Harry and Liam trying to contain their laughter. Hailey, on the other hand, if blushing like mad.


She gets up and staggers towards the forest, obviously pissed. I leap up, glare at Liam and Harry, and run after her. 'Hailey I'm sorry I can explai-' She whips around and looks into my eyes. We pause. I take in her completely. She has wavy brown hair that ripples down her back midway. Her skin is dry and cracked from the sea water. A stray bit of hair comes loose and almost tickles her nose. I reach my hand up and tuck the lock behind her ear. My hand pauses near her face. I stare into her emerald eyes. I cup her face in my hands and we kiss... just when it starts to rain. 

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