Under the Sun

Hailey is sent on cruise by her parents so that they can get her out of her hair. On board, she meets a cute boy but as she is just getting to know him a terrible disaster happens.


5. A long night

Hailey's P.O.V

The kiss calms me. When we break away, I smile sweetly and head back to Harry and Liam. I can feel Niall following me and my smile turns into a grin. He is cute and gentle. Do I have a crush on him?

Harry and Liam stare at me which makes me blush. They look at each other and start grinning. 'Somebody likes someone,' Harry says, waggling his eyebrows. I bite my bottom lip and look away. Niall notices that I am uncomfortable and glares at Liam and Harry. That shuts them up.

'So,' I start, 'we're stuck on this island and it's raining. Plus it's getting dark. We need to find Shelter'. We are crouched under some large leaves but we can't stay here forever. 'What about Zayn and Louis?' Liam asks. 

'We can't stay here,' says Harry. He is smiling at me which makes me uncomfortable.


~20 mins later~

Niall and I are gathering leaves and vines for our shelter. We found a good area between some trees and spread out to get supplies. Suddenly, as I am making my way over to a tree with massive palm fronds, someone spins me around. It's Niall. He kisses me passionately but I protest and push him away. Trying to be nice, I whisper to him, 'Not now. You are probably still delusional from all the water you inhaled'. He looks so hurt that I kiss him gently on the cheek.


Niall's P.O.V

I felt really sad. She wanted to kiss me earlier didn't she? I turn away, embarrassed and run back to the shelter with my vines. Liam and Harry have completed the walls and have made I structure for the roof. Hailey appears with hear palm fronds and lays them on top, as the roof. She has saved some for bedding. As I watch her lay out  them, I have to look away, to control myself. Everyone flops into their 'beds', exhausted, and falls asleep.


It must be late in the night because it is pitch dark and absolutely freezing. Someone nudges me and turn over to see who it is. It's Hailey and she is shivering. 'C-c-can I-I sl-e-eep with y-y-ou?' she stutters. I say yes and she slips in next to me. I press her against my hot skin to warm her up. She gives a sigh of relief and turns over facing me. Suddenly she kisses me softly but passionately . I kiss her back and tangle my hands in her hair. 

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