Liva lives in London with her roommate Line, Liva bumps into Niall at a coffee shop and something between them makes firework from first sight, but will it work? "Sometimes love just ain't enough" they say, can Liva support that quote? Will she find her true love in Niall or end up with a broken heart?


3. Chapter three ~ Starbucks.



*Your POV*

I woke up and rubbed my eyes a couple of times. I patted around besides myself on the mattress and searched for my phone. No phone. I looked at my night table. Phone found. I grabbed it and unlocked it. 12:03PM. I swung my legs over the bed edge and my bare feet met the ground. Shivers ran up my spine and goose bumps appeared on my thighs and arms. I stood up and walked towards the bathroom, stumbling a bit, still not completely awake. I placed my phone in the small radio and played Mind the Gap by Nabiha. Best bath song ever. I swung the white and blue bath curtain to the right and turned the water on, feeling the temperature with my hand. The cold water made more goose bumps on my arms. I stepped inside when the temperature was bearable. The water waking me up. I soaped my hair and body, shaved my legs and armpits. When I was done I stepped outside and wrapped a large towel around myself. I dried my body and jogged into my bedroom, picking out an outfit, and jumped into it. (Link below.) Make-up was next, and I did a light layer. I stepped inside my heels, grabbed my wallet and took my Ray-bans on. Line and I said goodbye and I walked out of me and hers apartment at 13:47PM, which was perfect since Starbucks was a ten-minute walk away. I pulled the door and gave myself a mental slap, when I read the words PUSH. Oh well, I pushed the door open and sat down at a table. My Ray-bans was pushed up and into my hair. I was occupied with my phone until somebody poked my shoulder. I looked up and my eyes once again met ocean blue.

“Hi.” He said smiling.

“Oh hi” I replied standing up. We hugged and sat down.

We chatted for a while and he stood up asking what I wanted.

“A Java Chip Frappuccino, please.” I replied smiling.

He nodded and turned around walking towards the desk. He returned a couple of minutes later with two cups in his hands.

“Steady, steady, steady” I joked as he stood beside me at the table. I reached out and gently took it out of his left hand.

He laughed at my little joke and sat down across from me.

“What does yours taste like?” He asked. I straightened my arm so the cup was in front of him, the straw an inch away from his mouth.

“Taste.” I replied.

He took the straw in his mouth and sucked on it, tasting the flavor from the cup. He nodded afterwards, sinking what he had in his mouth.

“It’s good, might order it next time I’m here.” He said smiling.

“Want to taste mine?” He asked. I nodded and leaned forward. His cup was in front of my face and I wrapped my lips around the straw tasting his drink.

“It’s very sweet.” I said smiling.

“Yeah, Caramel Macchiato is quite sweet.” He replied laughing.

We chatted for a couple of hours and decided to meet up again another day. We stood up and walked outside. We hugged goodbye and gave each other a small peck on the lips before separating and walking away. As I walked away i touched my bottom lip with my fingertips. Wow.

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