Liva lives in London with her roommate Line, Liva bumps into Niall at a coffee shop and something between them makes firework from first sight, but will it work? "Sometimes love just ain't enough" they say, can Liva support that quote? Will she find her true love in Niall or end up with a broken heart?


4. Chapter four ~ Mark.


I stepped inside Line and I’s flat and closed the door behind myself. I laughed to myself when I heard the loud music in our flat and Line singing along. I bent down and untied my Chuck Taylor’s. I kicked them off before collecting them and placing them where the rest of our shoes were. Line would go nuts if they weren’t at their place, I remember her explaining the sorting of our shoes many times and if I didn’t follow them well that sucked for me cause Line is a shoe person and I bet not five of those hundred shoes in front of me were mine. First was boots; combat boots, slim heel boots, thick heel boots, high boots, low boots, then sneakers; Vans, New Balance and Converse; high and low followed by sandals; gladiator sandals, high sandals, low sandals, next was ballerina’s soon followed by pumps slash stilettoes from high to low, plateau to slim and thick heel and at last moccasins, TOMS and slippers. Line was very weird about some of these things, but hey I get to borrow them so I’m not complaining. I walked down the hallway and turned into the kitchen where I found Line struggling on the floor with her hand under the fridge.  “One way or another I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha” She sang along with the radio while searching for something under the fridge.  “What are you doing?” I asked raising one brow.  She slightly jumped which I found extremely funny since her hand were under the fridge and her ass in the air. “Geez you freak! You scared me! Why are you always creeping up on me?” She said laughing while taking her hand out.  I shrugged laughing.  “But seriously what are you doing?” I asked for the second time nodding down towards the fridge.  “Oh I dropped my earring and that sneaky thing fell down under fridge and I can’t get it out” She explained.  “Let me get it”  I bent down and slid my hand under the fridge. I ran it from side to side until I felt a small object, I swiped it out and handed the small silver daisy to Line.  “There you go.”  “Thank yoooooooou” She replied before standing up. I stood up as well and jumped onto the kitchen island. “How did the date go?” She asked while placing the daisy in her right earlobe.  “It went really well, we talked and had a good time”  “Why are you blushing?” She asked grinning.  “I’m not.” I replied trying to hide it. “Do you like him?”  I nodded in response, blushing more. “Have you kissed him yet?” “What kind of question is that?!” I said hopping down from the counter. “C’mon why won’t you tell me? You told me about your previous lovers” She said grinning wider. “H-he’s not my lover! And I won’t say it because it’s none of your business.” I said walking out of the kitchen into the hall. “OMG you so have!” She yelled after me. I smiled to myself and went into the living room to watch some television. When the television started to get boring I decided to go for a walk, something I liked since I was 13, it kind of gives me peace. I stood up and walked out into the hallway, grabbed my black New Balance and tied the laces. I jogged into my room and grabbed my favorite book and ran into the hallway again. “I’m going for a waaaaaaaaalk!” I shouted before opening the door. “See ya dwarf!” I heard Line shout back. Just because I’m not a tower like her… But hey I could fit into the washing machine as a child, it came quite handy for me whenever I played seek and hide.  I laid my Ray-Bans on the small table in the hallway before walking out of the door. Since it was quite late and well it was summer, but it looks weird walking around with sunglasses when it’s night. I closed the door behind myself and walked down the stairs in the flat hallway. I stepped outside and a cool summer breeze hit my face. I walked down the passenger conveyors and into a park. I could see a small group playing football not far away, they seemed to have fun. I walked down the trail of gravel and dirt until I found a big tree which I thought looked nice. I sat down and opened my book turning into the page I’ve marked earlier with folding the corner of the page. I closely studied my book until I got snapped back to reality by something hitting me hard on the left side of my head. My book flew up and into my face as I reacted in shock. I looked to the left and saw a ball rolling away.  “Fucking shit.” I cursed rubbing the place on my head the ball hit me. “Shit I’m so sorry!” Somebody yelled. I looked in the direction and saw a figure running towards me.  “I’m so sorry love, are you ok?” A tall brown haired boy asked me. “Love?” He asked again. “Excuse me what d-did you say?” I asked when I realized I’ve been staring at him without answering him. He chuckled. It was quite cute. “I asked if you were ok.” He said smiling. “Oh! Uhm yeah” I replied smiling back. “Shit your lip!” He gushed sitting on his knees in front of me. His thumb slid over my bottom lip and our eyes made contact. Blue and green mixed in his, grey in mine.  “What’s wrong?” I mumbled. “Your lip was bleeding.”  “Oh, thanks…”  “Louis.” He said chuckling. “Thanks Louis, ehm my lip did it stop bleeding?” I asked. “Oh yeah, sorry.” He replied swiping his thumb one last time over my bottom lip before removing it. “Are you alone here?” He asked. I nodded. “It’s like 11PM?” He said raising a brow. “Well yeah I wanted to go for a walk and read a bit, but something hit my head.” I said grinning. “Again so sorry.” He said laughing while soothing my head the place I’ve rubbed it earlier. “But you really shouldn’t be alone at this time.” He said smiling. “C’mon mate let the girl be alone for a second!” someone shouted. “I think your friends want you.” I said. “Ha yeah, you want to play with us?”  “Uhm sure, but just so you know it my hamster legs aren’t helping much.”  “Better than nothing.” He said helping me up. I grabbed my book and we walked over to the small group of people. I looked at Louis who was walking besides me when I felt two arms lift me at my front.  “Liva! What are you doing here?!”  I looked at the person who had lifted me off the ground in a hug and didn’t notice the person before my eyes met ocean blue. Niall. He placed me down on the ground and I hugged him since I couldn’t before when my arms were trapped between my body and his arms when he hugged me. “Hi Niall.” I said.  “What are you doing here?” “I was just reading, but then a ball hit me.” I said. “You two know each other?” Louis asked. “Yeah, she’s the one I spilled coffee on.” Niall explained laughing. “Oh…” Louis said looking a bit disappointed. There was an awkward silence between the three of us since the others were playing football again. “So…. Let’s play some football!” I said smiling. “Yes!” Niall said clapping his hands together. We played for an hour and a half, until I said it was time for me to go home. Louis and Niall had both offered me to walk me home but I denied and said I could walk myself. I hugged the people goodbye and walked from the grass to the trail of dirt and gravel that I had previously walked on. I heard footsteps behind me and I speeded up a bit. Somebody grabbed my arm and turned me around a small but still loud noise escaped my mouth but got cut off by two lips. My eyes widened at first, but calmed when I recognized the ocean blue in front of me. Niall pulled back after a little while for air.  “You forgot your book.” He said smirking before handing me it. “Oh thanks.” I said blushing.  “Night babe.” He said before kissing me again. He gently tugged on my bottom lip before he pulled back. “Night.” I said smiling before turning. I smiled when I thought about the kiss and started walking. After a couple of minutes I heard footsteps behind me again I smiled thinking of Niall.  “Did I forget anything else?” I said not looking back. Someone grabbed my arm and spun me around as earlier, only this time a bit more rough. I chuckled, but it got cut off quickly, not by two other lips, but fear. My breathing got heavier and I started feeling dizzy. “Missed me?” Mark asked smirking. I tried speaking, my mouth parted, but no words escaped from my lips.  “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!” He said laughing. To be honest it seemed like I’ve seen a ghost, I didn’t think I would ever see Mark again.
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