speaking to chelsea

When Chelsea goes into hiding after be bullied, her old friend Kristen goes to search for her. After realising every thing was her fault, she finds Chelsea who is homeless and ill. Kristen must help her but will it go acording to plan?


1. missing

It was just a normal day at Adlington secondary school. Well at least that what every one had thought. They didn't know that the night before Chelsea knot had been fed up of being bullied for not being in the popular group or sharing secrets. She left the town and went missing.

Kristen her ex best friend was riding through the park when she saw a poster. She went to the tree and saw the poster with "missing" in capital letters. She read the next bit. "Chelsea knot has gone missing and we need your help to find her,". The news shocked her. She knew Chelsea was sick of being bullied. She remembered what happened yesterday:

She saw the popular group in the hall way. They were talking about the new designer jeans she got. Chelsea walked by and they tripped her up and she dropped her books while Kristen was watching them.

"Oops sorry," said Ally , head of the group.

Kristen saw Chelsea leave with tears in her eyes and crying down the hall way. She wanted to do something but couldn't as the popular group told her to stay away from them unless she had a big secret to tell them.


Kristen rode on her bike to school thinking about Chelsea. Would she ever see her again? Kristen knew what she had to do. After school she would leave to find Chelsea.

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