speaking to chelsea

When Chelsea goes into hiding after be bullied, her old friend Kristen goes to search for her. After realising every thing was her fault, she finds Chelsea who is homeless and ill. Kristen must help her but will it go acording to plan?


2. leaving

Kristen had a bad day at school. She kept on getting told of for day dreaming but she couldn't stop. She thought about what would happen if she found Chelsea. She thought about how Chelsea might be. She imagined that she was living on the streets trying to find some money. She would only have a blanket  around her. When she went home she drew her plan. She knew she couldn't have gone far. She was going to check the areas and cities around them. She would leave at night with a note.

Later that night, Kristen left. She wrote a letter to her parents:

Dear mum and dad,

I love you so much but I have to leave. I am going to find Chelsea. Do not search for me you won't find me as I am leaving to a multiple of places. I love you.

lots of love from

your daughter Kristen.

She hang a rope on the window and put on some shoes that have a good grip. She climbed down the rope and jumped down on the floor. She found the keys to her dads car and went in to get his wallet then she ran.

5 minutes later, she got to the end of the road. She decided she would need to walk a bit futher for know one to notice her. She would have a blanket and sleep.

35 minutes later , she got to another part of town. She layed her blanket on the street. She just thought one thing were would she go next?



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