Just think.

Ahh, the sweet smell of home, for now. You have two days left of school and then you are off to moving into a house in England. Your birthday is in a month and you are just so done with everyone right now except your best friend, Ari.


2. Say Good-bye

After packing everything You needed, You take a shower and literally fall asleep when your head hit the pillow. You know that tomorrow is going to be a long day.
You wake up and it is five o'clock in the morning. You get up and realized that you never left an outfit for the last day here so you call Ari and ask if she can bring you somthing. You go downstairs and eat a bowl of store-brand coco puffs. You curl your hair and put some make-up on now because you know you won't get a chance after school, Ari knocks on the front door but your mom beats you there and answers the door. You change quickly and by now it is already seven thirty. You pick up the two suit cases and one box you will be bringing with you to London and place them near the door so when you come home. You and Ari get Chippies and make it to school 5 minutes late, but it was worth it and who really cares it's the last day of school! Tomorrow you and Ari will be free woman and you can do what ever the hell you want. The day goes on faster than expected and you made it to your locker before all of the freshman traffic. You clean out the content of your locker and go to the last period assembly and hope for the best.

The auditorium seats are packed but luckily Ari saved me a seat right in the front row. Great. They are all talking crap and then everyone is called up for a gift for finishing high school. When you are called up you couldn't have been more retarded. You walked in such a way that made you look like a robot, everyone laughed so you went along with it and laughed to. As you were walking down the stage you mumbled to your self, " I am so fucking down with these retards". You hear an uproar come from the audience, then You noticed the microphone that was right on the side of you which broadcasted your little remark. You cover your face by your dirty blonde bangs and slouch in your seat till the bell rings.
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