Just think.

Ahh, the sweet smell of home, for now. You have two days left of school and then you are off to moving into a house in England. Your birthday is in a month and you are just so done with everyone right now except your best friend, Ari.


1. The beginning of a long adventure.

"Abigail, could you give me the answer for 4 squared?" Mr.Crane asks me, bringing me out of the wonderful world of daydream.

"Uh...." You know you should have studied for this but you were to busy packing last night. Everyone is staring at you, you answer " twenty-eight" You say questioning yourself. You should know this by now, you are eighteen years old. You are moving to England with Ari in lest than three days! The bell rings, thank god.
You meet Ari at your locker."Hey!" Ari says.

"Hey" you say. You and her are both excited about going to England tomorrow night. We want to get there as soon as we can because we want every second of the summer there. We are supposed to be moving into a house/condo. It is supposed to be huge! The only problem is that there is two roommates. Not that it will be a big problem, we were just hoping to spend the summer with just us best friends but I guess once we know them better maybe they can join in on the fun. You and Ari go get Chippies( like a mocha latte but more like coffee milk) and you drive back to your house and take down all of the posters of One Direction and Ariana Grande and you clean out your closet. You sold practically everything that wasn't meaningful to you or had any importance on EBay and got four hundred dollars so far. The house/condo is already furnished so I can sell my bed set and couch for at lest five hundred dollars. That should be enough to go shopping for clothes and rent for the summer.
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