harry in the park

Lonly girl finds one direction member harry styles in the park laying on a bench what does she


3. what should i do

I was staring at harry styles in stun. i did not know what to do,should i call mum...wait...i couldent she would ask me why am i at the park.i did nothing.just sat there and tried to sober him up.i wanted to ask him on a date as it was one week before valantines day.so i need when i want to do something or go somewhere i do it,ya see i get what ever i want when ever i want.and i wanted a date.so i got one it involved some black eyes ,bloody noses and arguments
the next day i went back to the park again to look for harry,mum was at work so i got to do what i want.when i got there i saw harry i said are you allright to him but he looked puzzled.i asked if he remember me but he was still puzzled.i told him the story and he believed it.
So in the end he kept asking questions and i had lots of answers.
I explained a bit more and showed him were we met and repeated the words that i said yesterday.he asked me some more questions.for most of them the answer was yes but one,
That question was 'when is our date'.i went quite...
with a stutter i screamed out loud "i am going out with harry styles!! after that i quickly said the night before valentines day harry agreed. i thought to myself is this really happening... but than i woke up. i felt sad i tryed to goback to sleepbut it would not work...
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