harry in the park

Lonly girl finds one direction member harry styles in the park laying on a bench what does she


1. should i go out


i woke up to the sound of my allarm clock. ah,Jacksonvilli,Florida. i scrunched my eyes and saw the rays of light passing through my blind. oh well, i guess its another sunny day. today is my second day here in Florida. my family and i are staying at my aunties place for a month, and damn i'm loveing every moment of it. it's summer, and i just recently graduated from high school, and i am only sixteen!!thank god for skipping seventh grade.

 i got upout of my bed and stared at my mirror on top of the drawer.this is as good as its gonna get.i really look like a mess,my black hair is still standing up looking all frizzy, oh god. i grabbed the brush and tugged at my hair, and put it in a messy bun.messy bun,plus guns n roses shirt, plus pink PJs,yup,i'm all set.

"elle, breakfast time!!" mom shouted from the kitchen. oh good i hope she made french toast. i skipped down the stairs and almost tripped because of my brothers lego scatterd on the staircase.

"andy clean up your lego or i will flush it down the toilet." this always works, and than with in a minute my seven year old brother gatherd his legos and stuck his toung at. me i did the same.

"morning mom." i kissed her on the cheeks and she handed me some, yup, french toast, i knew this would be a good day. "what are we going to do today?"i mumbled while eating this french toast from the god of french toasts.

"just staying in."Okay, i guess this day wasent going to be that good.

"What?!" i exclaimed. "it's such a good weather and we already STAYED IN yesterday??"

"But your aunt has a meeting today and she cant tour us around."

"what about uncle roy?" aunt tracys  husband.really funny guy.

"he has a meeting too honey. i'm so sorry, we still have the whole month?"Ugh she just doesent get it.

"whatever, i'll just go out by my self."i said while munching on my last piece of toast.there is just something about this day, ou know? that makes me want to go out side, go places."You dont even know this place!!"my mom exclaimed!!

i'll bring a map and i'll save the adress."oh please let her say yes...

i'll give you money a map ,and yes i'll save the adress and take a take a picture of the place. come back before sun down or else you will really STAY IN."OHH YEAAAH!!! "thank you mom!! thank you thank you!!!!! i said while kissig her on the cheeks once more.just than my brother came in to the kitchen. "EWWWWWWWW." "get lost,loser". i shouted back.dont get me wrong. i do love my brother.i took a glass of juice, and raced back up to my room.i took a nice warm shower and picked my clothes for today.i really dont like wearinng shorts or any thing realy, and i am not realy...fashion fowrard? i just grab some clothes and go!although i really do love these combat boots! i look in to the mirror and tie my hair in to a messy bun.i really dont care about the way i look,and if it makes me fell compfy, than i'd go for it.i dont really put make up on, i mean who would i do that for?i grabbed my bag and went out the door.

while walking i came across some street bazarrz and vendors and bought a thew trinkets and dream catchers.i also bought an old camera in mint condish!!!only two dollars, this is fabulase.after an hour ,i'd reached the community park,and sat down on the grass.so peacful in here i could stay here for ever.all i could hear was bird chirping and... HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT!!!

AHHHHHHHHH! OHGODDDDD MARRY MEEEEE COME HERE WOOOOOOO" Was that all i could her.i got up spun around and sore alode of girls running towards the park entrance.What the hell was happening1wasthis like a florida ritual.i could hear there voices getting louder, and there feet thumping against the pavement.i mean really.i did not know what to do so i just grabbedmy bag,and walked briskly away from where thay are heading.that led me to the side gate of the park.Okay, thank god for this big park, or i would have been mobbed by crazy people.


I spoke to soon.right in front of me, where five guys running towards me.it all happend so fast, the split directions and carried on running until there was onl one guy running towards me.oh, and like hundred girls behind them.i was running to, away from them.what the hell was happening, was this guy a thief?before i could make another step, i got pushed down the grass.along came down with me the one ho pushed me.damn that hurt, i turned around and sore the guy hurridaly get up again. i thought he was going to run, but he extended his arm out to me.and being the awkward clue less me, i just look at it.the girls were getting nearer, and i was still looking at his arm. he then quickaly took hold of my waist and brought me up off of the ground, this was the thirst time i could propaly see his face,he had brown curly hair that swept to one side,i guess, but now looking messy with grass bits in it.he's got green eyes and a cute nose.oh god cut!!. were did that come from?

"i'm sorry."he quickaly said,with a smile on his face.i stared at him for three seconds before i said anything,"what the hell." he turned to see the girls running towards them.

"Crap." "i'v got to go"!he quickaly ran to his left and ran to the nearest gate,he met uop with the outher four guys,and they ran like theere was no tommorow. "wierd much." i turned to their direction and swore one of them looked back at me.








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