Two Galaxies.

(Made by Samantha Nicole My links are
@HharrysKittenn on twitter)

I thought everything would change. I thought my life would turn to good. I thought meeting them would be fun. No. I was wrong. He stared at me with his daggering brown eyes. He looked so intense as he walked towards me. I backed up trying to get away, but I backed up into a wall. "Shit!" I mumbled. He said nothing, Just put his hands on my waist and kissed me roughly. It felt good. But he was bad for me. I couldn't.


1. Chapter 1.

"Liam! Please No!" You screamed. He looked into your eyes, All you saw was anger. Nothing But anger. You made a mistake. A horrible mistake, But then again all you wanted was love, Liam was giving that to you. Iwern't sure if he cared or not but it was good enough for me. "Arianna." Liam called for me. "Yes?" You aksed not looking at him, "Look at me." He sternly said. You looked up at him. He cupped my chin with his large hand. He kissed your lips roughly. You didn't kiss back, That usually got Liam frustrated with you and he would do more with you. Liam was a bad type of boy. Not the kind that appeared at 'hot' but the scary kind. That if they wanted to they could hurt you. Liam seemed caring and sweet, But inside he is an aggressive kind. More so like a lion that's looking for prey. I was Liam's prey. I did enjoy it at times. Other times I wanted a way out. But that wasn't an option. I was stuck with Liam. I felt like his slave. Not just an ordinary slave, but sex slave. "I will be back." Liam said. "O-Okay." I slightly stuttered. "When I get back, I will have something for you." He said. You nodded in response and you sat down. You shut the door and locked it when he was gone. You slid down against the door and you started to cry. "Why?" You asked. "Why Me?" I wasn't sure if I would ever get an answer but  if I ever knew the reason to why I was stuck here. I got up and went to the bathroom. I slid off my clothes and looked in the mirror. I skimmed down my body. My body was quite pale. I had long skinny-ish legs and a small waist. My breasts were about a size C. I had long brown silky curly hair. I had dark blue eyes, Rosy red cheeks and plump skinny lips. I turned on the faucet and sat in the tub. I felt the relaxing hot water take over my body. I layed back and closed my eyes. Before I knew it I drifted off to sleep. 

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