One Direction-Really Valentines Day

This is for the 1D Valentines Day competition.
So please like, comment and all that. Please it would mean a lot to me.
Since it's a short story I don't really wanna explain what happens so please just read it, I hope you'll like it!


1. <3 :)


“Shame we don’t have dates for Valentine’s Day.” I sighed to my best friend. I’m Sarah, my best friend is Alysia. We’ve been best friends for as long as we can both remember. The biggest thing that we have in common is our love for One Direction. “Yeah I know, but at least we have each other.” She replied smiling. “Yep.” I replied grinning. We started singing kiss you whilst making our way to queue for the London eye. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going; I soon bumped into someone just as we joined the back of the line. “Hey watch where you’re going!” you snapped getting up and brushing the dirt off your clothes. “Oh I’m sorry love I wasn’t paying much attention, I was distracted listening to you and your friend singing, oh I sound pathetic, anyway I’m sorry.” Came a gorgeous British accent from behind you. You look up while mumbling an ‘it’s okay.’ You gasp as you see who the voice belongs. Harry Styles. Harry Styles is actually standing in front of you, he actually said that you were good at singing, oh god. “You’re not gonna scream are you?” questioned Harry getting ready to cover his ears. “Err no, I mean I love you don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t scream, well I would but I’m kinda shy.” You admitted sheepishly. “That’s cute babe, do you mind if I ride with you and your friend I was here with Louis but he’s went somewhere to get something for some girl he saw before. Besides I’d love to get to know you.” You blush and look down nodding your ahead. “Hey Haz, sorry about that I’m here, I went to, whoa you found the chick I was talking about, well done.” Came another voice, you recognised who it belonged to instantly, Louis, Louis Tomlinson. You looked up to see Louis already in deep conversation with Alysia. You smiled happy that Alysia and you had both gotten to meet them. You were soon at the front of the line and you were about to hand over your money for the ticket when Harry grabbed your wrist, handed money to the ticket lady for both of you and pulled you into one of the little cart things. “Sorry love but I count this as a date, and if this goes well I will be paying for lots more things for you.” You giggled nervously not sure if he was telling the truth or not. As it started going up you got scared, as you were a bit scared of heights. You were sat on the bench in the middle and Harry was lent against the bar at the window facing you. “You scared love? By the way what’s your name?” Harry asked softly. “Yeah I’m a bit scared and my name’s Sarah.” You admitted looking down. “Well Sarah come over here, I can’t have my baby being scared.” You smiled and got up and went over to him. You got to know him even more and he got to know you. When the ride was over Louis and Alysia had went out for a meal so Harry decided he’d take you on a tour of London.  He held your hand the whole way and you stayed close to his side scared, for some reason. “Oh that dress is beautiful.” you breathed out as you passed a beautiful short pink dress with diamonds outlining the top. “It is.” Harry agreed before turning to face you. “But not as beautiful as you.”  You blushed and looked down. Not long after you felt Harry’s hand lightly grip your chin forcing you to look at him. “You don’t need to be embarrassed with me Sarah.” And with that his lips pressed to yours embracing you in a kiss. Fireworks exploded in your stomach and your arms fluttered shut. Your arms wrapped delicately around his neck while his strong arms wrap around your waist pulling you closer to him. After about 1 minute Harry pulled away. You groaned. Harry chuckled. “Cutey. Sarah I know that we only met a few hours ago but I’m sure that I’m in love with you. Will you please go out with me? And don’t just say yes because I’m in One Direction, I love you for you so I really hope you feel the same about me.” You silenced him with a quick kiss. “Harry I’ve always loved you for you, and I’m not just saying that it’s the truth.” Harry smiled and hugged you tightly. Just then you got a text from Alysia.

From Alysia:                                                                                                                                    

Hey Sarah! Me and Louis are together! How did it go with you and Harry?

To Alysia:

Oh I’m so happy for you! Me and Harry are the same! Meet up tomorrow?

From Alysia:

Sure! Gotta go Louis’s making me try a carrot…

You smile, take a deep breath and say, “I Love you Harry.” He smiles and surprises you by saying. “I love you to Sarah, always.”

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