Death Among Gold

I based this off of two songs I adore and thought that this would be cool to submit to a contest; tell me what you think and thank you for reading! :)


1. What Could One Do?


The tears that fell off of his face and onto hers were not of happiness; they fell down to the girl below. Her face was serene, a smile upon it but with further observation her skin was slowly becoming more pallid and there was no sign that she was breathing. Her head was held in his lap, his arms caressing hers as if there were some magical way to make her leap up and kiss him again. Nothing. That was the boy’s feeling as he sat sobbing uncontrollably, every tear shattering on the female cadaver’s face. Mya was his, all his, they planned on getting married not but four weeks from the time in question; she’d picked out a dress and he’s had a suit tailored. But their work proved to be futile, his hopes dashed and her life stripped from her by some unknown ailment. A breeze cooled the hot summer night and the barley blew in the wind with it, even in the moon the grass shown with a certain metallic shine, but it was more so a pale gold than the beautiful twenty four karat that it was during the daylight. And so fell his tears onto everything he’d had, the memory of something that was good; the only slice of decency he’d ever encountered in his young life. And so they sat together, as he began to nuzzle the hair of the body, searching for familiar warmth like a cub would with its mother; he found none. His tears rolled through her hair, soaking its fibrous structure with salt water. She’d died in his arms that night among the fields of gold, among the fields of barley.

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