Back for you


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Niall waits for Amy sat on the sofa. the door opens... its Larry. he waited for 2 hours. its opened again. It was Kevin. He waited and waited till there was no hope. he walked outside..and Amy was standing there with a bunch of balloons and a poster of Niall and it saying 'The best thing that ever happened to me'    The next day Niall got a text saying 'niall. you don't love me. you don't deserve me. what i wanted to tell you is. last week on Tuesday i cheated on you. i was confused. sorry. Amy' Niall cried. he went over to her house and he knocked on the door. Her um was crying...a lot.. 'Niall my darling. Amy is... Amy has.' (she ran off crying) Niall ran upstairs thinking there was a banner saying 'sorry Niall' but instead he found a body. In a bag... He opened the bag. It was Amy.. with a line across her neck. She hung herself..  there was a letter attach to the bed 'Niall, you have probably found me. i just want to say. I hung myself in shame of what i did to you. Forget me.x' 
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