Me and Lou


9. Trouble




Me and Lou woke up at the same time (around 10 o'clock in the morning) still in each others arms. We went to the kitchen where all the other boys where.

“Well look who finally woke up!” Zayn said playfully

me and Lou just couldn't stop holding hands no matter what happened.

“Soooooo” Harry said cheekily “what did you do last night?”

“that's none of your business, Mister” I replied.

I went up to my room to change out of my pyjamas that were still wet. I put on some denim shorts, a black t-shirt with the British flag on it and finally some toms just for Louis. I had just finished putting my hair in a ponytail when I went down for some breakfast and Louis went to the room to get changed.




I went up to my room to get changed and as soon as I did there was a knock on the hotel room door, I thought it was one of the boys so I opened it. I was completely wrong. It was Eleanor. I broke up with her and told her never to come back after she cheated on me one month ago. I should of known that she wouldn't give up on me. As soon as I opened the door I wanted to close it, I swung it as hard and fast as I could, hoping this was all a nightmare and I was still in Ashley's arm. But when I did close the door, she stepped in front of it and pushed it back open. She invited herself in, she had a lot of suitcases with her so I knew she was planning to stay here.

“GET OUT NOW!” I screamed

“Honey, I came back to win your heart!” she said pushing me against the wall. She pushed me too tight! I had no escape or no way for the boys to help me. She leaned in closer and kissed me and I tried to break free. And right at that point Ashley came in, oh great, now she'll think that I'm cheating on her!

She ran out the room with tears running rapidly from her irresistible eyes. I chased after her and Eleanor ran after me. Ashley locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn't open the doors. The boys where confused as they saw Ashley run into the bathroom and locking it behind her, they saw me trying to get in and they all gasped in shock at the sight of Eleanor.

“GET OUT OF MY SIGHT RIGHT NOW!!! I DONT WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!!! I DO NOT LOVE YOU! BECAUSE OF YOU I MIGHT HAVE LOST THE REAL LOVE OF MY LIFE FOREVER!!! JUST GO BACK TO THE GUY YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH!!!!!” I screamed at her at the top of my lungs hoping Ashley would hear me. Eleanor ran out of the hotel crying her eyes out, but right now all I cared about was my precious Ashley and what she was doing in the bathroom, I didn't want her to do anything to herself that could kill or hurt her. I made mistake by even going out with Eleanor. I should have never dated her in the first place. I was mad at her, the world but I was mostly mad at myself.

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