Me and Lou


5. The Tour has ruined everything!




I couldn't believe it! She said YES!!! I was the happiest person on the planet. The boys walked up to me, hugged me and congratulated me. They then all turned to Ashley, exchanged some looks and altogether said, “Welcome to the family!” they then hugged her. “OH CRAP!” I shouted.

“What happened?!” everyone asked confused, Harry seemed to be the only one who understood, assuming he covered his face annoyed and upset for me.

“We're going on tour! So I won't be able to see Ashley for a really long time!”

“What?!” Ashley exclaimed in disbelief.

“I HAVE AN IDEA!” Zayn shouted out.

“What is it?” we all asked full of hope.

“Ashley can come with us on tour!” we all agreed but now all we had to do is get management to let Ash come with us.

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