Me and Lou


2. The phone number




After we ordered, Ashley left to go and get our food ready.

“Ooooooooh Louis likes the waitress! Louis likes the waitress!” I heard Harry sing back and forth.

“SHUT UP! And besides she has a name and the names Ashley!” I told him.

“WHEN'S THE FOOD COMING?!?!?!” Niall screamed, and right at that point, Ashley walked in with the food, but she had to go back for another couple plates due to the amount of food Niall ordered.

“FINALLY!!!” Niall shouted out while the rest of us laughed our heads off, including Ashley.


When she came back with the receipt, I said that I'll pay, because I had a really smart plan.


Both me and Ashley blushed. She gave me the receipt then left the room, Liam then asked worriedly, “Are you sure you can pay by yourself, Niall did order more than usual.” We all turned to look at Niall who was still munching on some food. “I'm sure I'll handle it.” I told Liam as I walked away and checked my pockets. I had £50 on me and not a penny more. I checked the receipt to see exactly how much I had to pay, “WHAT THE HELL!?!?!” I shouted, but luckily not loud enough for Ashley to hear me. “What happened?” the lads all asked in unison. “ THE BILL IS £203.35!!!” I yelled. We all blamed Niall and started to shout at him, “What!? Is it my fault I like to eat?!” he shouted back. We all gave in a little bit of cash. But Niall had to pay the most, we finally had enough to pay the bill. After, I went to the corner and on a separate piece of paper I wrote my phone number on and signed it. I then gave it to Ashley, and me and the boys left.




When Louis gave me the piece of paper I was extremely happy! My boss called me to his office, I thought I was in trouble but I didn't know why! “Ashley” He said “ assuming you took care of the boys in One Direction really well, I would like to give you a raise, and ask if you could come and work on the Sunday when they have their gig here?”

“YES!!! umm, I mean, yes I am able to attend.” I said full of joy!

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