Me and Lou


6. Management




I was really nervous, I didn't know what would happen. I was the second to walk into the room, right behind Louis, holding his delicate hand really tight. “Don't worry babe, it will be okay! Now can you let go for a second, your holding my hand too tight!” I quickly let go as he was massaging his hand then trying to shake of the pain. A second later we walked into Simon Cowell's room. I felt like my stomach was at my throat.

“SIMON I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS! ASHLEY IS MY GIRLFIEND AND SHE IS COMING WITH US ON THE TOUR! WHEVER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!” I never thought I would see Louis like this! I was so surprised and so were the boys. “Louis first you need to calm down.” Simon exclaimed. “so only Ashley right?” we all nodded. Simon checked something on his computer as we all waited for him to say something, I think that during that, Louis was able to calm down.

“There is only room for 6 people in your tour bus so that means that only Ashley will be able to go on the tour with you guys, no one else!” Simon told us as if something bad would happen if we had more of us 6 on the bus.

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