Me and Lou


1. The first meet up




I was at work in Nandos, just like on every other work day after school. I just finished cleaning all the tables, when I saw 5 amazing, handsome young lads walk in. I knew they seemed familiar, then it hit me, IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!!! I wanted to run up to them and scream my head off just like all the other girls, but I realised that I would probably get fired. The boys quickly past through the massive crowd and into my boss' office. I overheard them talking and asking if they could have a gig here on Sunday at 8pm. I was so happy that I might be able to meet them! Its all I ever really wanted!




When me and the boys left the office which belonged to the manager, Steve, he took us to the staff room where we could relax and not worry about all the paparazzi and screaming fans. He asked a girl with beautiful brown curly long hair that reached up to her waist and eyes that were a beautiful aqua kind of colour (just the way I like it) to serve us for the time being. I was really pleased because I wanted to know more about her.




I couldn't believe my luck! And to think my boss would trust me, it was a good idea not to scream my head off when the boys came in. They were all so so precious! I saw Louis walking up to me, so I tried to stay as calm as possible

“Hi my name is Louis, what’s yours?” he asked in the most amazing voice ever! He was wearing a striped top, red jeans and some toms.

“M-m-my name?” I tried to say in the most casual voice I could pull off at that point.

“Yeah, your name”

“Its Ashley” I replied

“Wow you have the most amazing name! I always liked the name Ashley.” He exclaimed


I was full of joy! I wanted to jump up and down screaming 'HE LIKES MY NAME!!! LOUIS TOMLINSON LIKES MY NAME!!!' but yet again I didn’t want to lose my job. So I turned the brightest shade of red and giggled instead.


“Can we get some food now!? IM STARVING!!!” I heard Niall call out in the whiniest voice ever!


“Yes of cores you can, what would you like to order?

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