Sparks Fly

Madison is long-time best friends with Liam Payne. She grew up with him in their home town of Wolverhampton, England. She goes to London for the summer and stays with him in his flat. While she is there, he wants to introduce her to his best friends and band mates of One Direction. When he introduces her to a certain curly-haired cheeky boy, also known as Harry Styles, sparks begin to fly between them. Liam warns her to stay away from him and, but she doesn’t listen to him. She sneaks out to see him each and every chance they get. Things begin to heat up between Harry and Madison.

A story of love, heartache, friendship, trust, loss.


3. "You fancy him?"

“Welcome to mine and Dani’s flat, Mads,” Liam says as he opens the door and pushes it open. I walk in behind them.

“Make yourself at home, Mads. I’ll go down and get your bags for you, love,” Liam says turning to me as I stand there with Danielle close by.

“Thanks, Liam,” I thank him, smiling a bit. He grabs the keys and slowly makes his way out the door. I slip my feet out of my sandals and take a seat on the couch next to Danielle. For the time being, we talk about the most random things and get to know each other. She seemed so sweet and I can already tell we were going to be close, just like Eleanor and I.

“How long have you known Liam?” she asks, smiling at me.

“Um, well we grew up together in our hometown of Wolverhampton. Our parents are good friends. We used to be neighbors and went to school together as well.” I say with a small smile.

“That’s great. I saw you getting quite smitten with Harry earlier,” she smiles at me. I smile a bit and blush at her comment.

“Was not, was I?” I ask as I look at her, my lips curving up in to a small smile.

“It sure looked like it. I saw how you were looking at him. You’re blushing, I can tell you do,” she smiles at me.

“Looking at who—what?” Liam asks as he comes in the front door with my bags.

“Nothi-” Danielle cuts me off, smiling over at her boyfriend before she opens her mouth to speak again.

“I think Madison likes Harry!” she blurts out, looking over at Liam. He had a shocked look on his face like he had just seen a ghost as he stared over at me. It kind of scared me a bit. I knew how he got when he got mad, it’s wasn’t too pretty of a sight to see.

“Madison, you aren’t serious, are you?” he asks as he sets my bags on the stairs, as he stared over at me, his eyes not leaving mine.

“I don’t know,” I say simply. “Maybe?” I smile a small smile and shift my gaze away from his.

“I don’t think you should, Madison. He’ll break your heart and I really don’t want to see you go through that. Come on, love. You’re my best friend. I don’t want to see you get hurt,” he says and comes over, taking a seat on the couch in between Danielle and I, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend and drapes his other arm around my shoulder.

“Why do you think that, Liam? I just barely met him and I hardly even know him! You can’t tell me what to do!” I say back loudly, staring at him, scrunching my eyebrows together in confusion.

“Because you’re my best friend, Madison and I know how Harry is with the girls he gets with and he is usually always the one to break up with them first and end up breaking their hearts. I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he says, looking at me.

“Okay,” I say and roll my eyes at him. He can’t tell me what to do, he’s not related to me, but he’s my best friend and practically the brother I’ve never had. I guess I’ll listen to him but I can’t control my feelings if something does happen between us while I’m here for the summer. It’s my decision, not his. I know he’s just trying to protect me, but still.

“Well, I’m tired from being on the train practically all day.” I say and yawn as I run my left hand over my tired face.

“I’ll show you to your room if you’d like, Mads,” Liam says looking at me.

“Thanks,” I mumble as I get up and swing my bag over my shoulder as I start toward the stairs. I pick up my duffel bag and swing it over my shoulder while Liam grabs my other bag and begins heading up the stairs holding on to my bag. I follow behind him up the stairs. Once he gets to the top of the stairs, he walks a little ways down the hall way and stops in front of a door that was closed. He reaches forward and pushes it open.

“Here’s your room, hope you like it, Mads,” he walks in and sets my bags down at the end of the bed near the footboard.

“Thanks, Liam,” I smile as I walk in behind him and set my duffel bag down on the bed.

“Sorry about earlier, I’m glad you’re here, Mads,” he says and pulls me in to a hug.

“Its okay, me too,” I sigh and wrap my arms around his shoulders as I hug him back. I smile at him as we pull away from the hug. He smiles back and starts to walk out before turning to face me.

“I’ll leave you to unpack, Mads, see you in the morning,” he says as he looks at me.

“Okay, see you then, Li,” I smile and turn back to my bags and begin to unpack my things and put them in their respective places. It takes me a good hour and a half to two hours to unpack. After I finish unpacking most of my things, I change in to my pajamas, which was a tight tank top and plaid pajama shorts.

I crawl in to bed and bury myself under the sheets and shut my eyes. My mind began to wander to the events that happened earlier after I had gotten here. Am I already starting to fall for Harry after barely even meeting him a few hours ago? Liam really can’t tell me what to do, especially with who I decide to fall in love with. After a little while, I drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up and grab my phone to see a text from Eleanor. I type in my pass code and tap on ‘Messages’ so I can read it. After the screen came up, I began to read her text.

Hey Madison! Was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with Dani and I for the day. The lads have a press conference today and are going to talk about promoting their new album. Be ready!:)

Just as I was about to reply, there was a knock on my door which made me jump.

“Madison, are you up?” I hear Danielle’s soft voice on the other side of the door as there was a soft knock on the door.

“Yeah, I’m up!” I respond back a bit loud as I get up and go over to the door. I reach for the handle and pull the door open. Danielle stood there in a floral shirt and jeans.

“Hey. I just got off the phone with Eleanor. Since it’s your first day here and the boys are off at a press conference today, we were wondering if you wanted to hang out and go shopping with us. What do you say?” she asks a warm smile on her face as she looks at me.

“She texted me that. I was just about to reply when you knocked on the door.” I say and laugh a bit.

“Sure. That sounds fun, I’d love to,” I tell her with a smile.

“Great, well I’ll leave you to get ready. She should be over soon,” she smiles before walking off down the hall. I smile to myself as I stand there in the door way after she walks off. I am glad I already hit it off pretty well with these two girls. I can see us becoming super close while I’m here for the summer. I step backward in to the bedroom I was staying in and shut the door.

I go over to the closet and start to find an outfit to wear. After a few minutes of looking through my clothes, I decide on some jeans, a simple v-neck and gray TOMS. I change out of my shorts and tank top and put on my outfit for the day along with my favorite lace bra from Victoria’s Secret and a clean pair of panties. It takes me a good ten minutes to get ready.

My hair was styled, my teeth brushed, makeup done up good just how I wanted it. I had also put on my jewelry that consists of a simple heart necklace and a friendship bracelet that Liam and I made for each other. We had both given each other one to symbolize that we would always be friends forever.

As if on cue, the doorbell sounded all throughout the flat. I’m guessing that had to be Eleanor. I grab my purse and put it over my shoulder once I take my iPhone off the charger on the table beside my bed and slip it in the back pocket of my jeans. I walk out of the room and head down the hall way before I begin to make my way down the stairs.

As I walk in to the living room, I look over to see Eleanor standing next to Danielle.

“Hey! You ready to go?” Eleanor asks looking at me, a warm smile on her face.

“Yeah!” I reply, walking over to where the two girls stood.

“Let’s get going then,” she says, looking at Danielle and I. As we walk outside, we talk about the most random things as she leads us to her car that was in the parking lot. She unlocks the car before pulling the door open. Danielle tells me I could sit in the front passenger seat and she would sit in the back seat. Eleanor starts up the car and pulls out of the parking space before we start on our way.

“Shopping here we come!” Eleanor says a bit loud as she continues to drive. Danielle and I laugh as the three of us talk on the way to where we were going.

We arrive at the mall about ten minutes later. The girls and I get out before Eleanor locks up the car and we head toward the entrance of the mall. Once we get inside, Eleanor turns to face us.

“Where to first, ladies?” she smiles at us.

“Doesn’t matter to me, you can pick,” I tell her, a warm smile on my face.

“How about Abercrombie and Fitch then we’ll go from there?” she asks, looking at Danielle then at me, raising one of her eye brows.

“Sure! Let’s go!” I say loudly and give her thumbs up.

We go in the direction of Abercrombie and Fitch. Once we get in there, we start looking around. The loud music blared through the speakers as we started to look around. After we start looking around, I stumble upon a cute outfit, some jeans with rips in the knee and a couple above the knee. I could see it with a cute tank top with a cardigan over it. It even looks good with my TOMS.

After about almost a half hour of looking around, we decide what we’re going to get. Eleanor decides on some shorts and a cute quarter sleeve button-up shirt. Danielle finds a pair of sweats and a t-shirt that had Abercrombie written down the side in white lettering. We grab what we decided to get before heading to check out at the cash register.

After we pay, we grab our bags before we go to the next store. We talk and laugh about tons of different things and get to know each other a bit better. Every so often, my mind would drift off and thoughts of Harry flooded my mind.

I know I had just met him not even a day ago, but he seems like a good guy despite what Liam said last night and gorgeous too with those piercing emerald orbs, his curly hair and don’t forget his adorable dimples when he smiles. Was I starting to fall for him already? If so, I at least would like to get to know him a bit more first. I feel the corners of my lips curve up in to a smile as he surrounded my thoughts.

“Madison?” I hear Eleanor call my name pulling me from my thoughts.

“Huh-what?” I ask, looking over at her; my smile still on my face.

“You’re smiling. What for, love?” she asks, smiling at me.

“Oh n-no reason,” I smile a bit and shift my eyes to the floor as I feel my cheeks heat up. as I look up a few moments later, I notice Danielle lean over and whisper something in to Eleanor’s ear.

“Oh my…you do?” she asks looking at me, a wide smile on her face.

“Do what?” I question in confusion as I look at the two girls who stood near me.

“You fancy him?” she asks, smiling wide as she looks at me while we go in the next store. I stare at her in confusion.

“I saw how you were looking at him and how he was staring at you. You like him! After you left with Dani and Liam, he wouldn’t stop talking about you…I think he really likes you, a lot. He kept saying how much he wanted to get to know you better and that he can’t wait to see you again,” she smiles widely at me.

Wow! He already likes me? I think to myself. I really wanted to see him again and would like to get to know him better as well. There seemed to be something different about him and I wanted to know more.

For the next few hours, the girls and I shop a while longer and get something to eat before we head back. We end up having a great time shopping and getting to know each other better.


Author's Notes:

So, there's the next chapter! Awe, Madison and Harry are falling for each other c:

Comments are greatly appreciated!:D

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