Sparks Fly

Madison is long-time best friends with Liam Payne. She grew up with him in their home town of Wolverhampton, England. She goes to London for the summer and stays with him in his flat. While she is there, he wants to introduce her to his best friends and band mates of One Direction. When he introduces her to a certain curly-haired cheeky boy, also known as Harry Styles, sparks begin to fly between them. Liam warns her to stay away from him and, but she doesn’t listen to him. She sneaks out to see him each and every chance they get. Things begin to heat up between Harry and Madison.

A story of love, heartache, friendship, trust, loss.


2. "Welcome to London, love,"

I am excited since I am almost to London. Just a few minutes ago, a loud voice came over the intercom system saying that we were just ten minutes or so from arriving in London. I decide to pull out my phone and send Liam a text to tell him I am almost there. After I send the text to him, I get an immediate response back.

Hey Mads! I’m standing here at the station waiting for you. See you soon! x

I smile as I read his reply. I start to respond back soon after.

Hey Li! I think I am almost there, about 10 min. out. See you soon! (:

As soon as I send him that message, a voice comes over the loud speaker again.

“Attention passengers, we have now just arrived in London. Hope you have had a good ride. When exiting, please form a single-file line so everyone who’s departing gets off safely. Thanks and have a great day!” the voice of an older woman says loudly.

Once it comes to a complete stop, I stand up and push my bag higher up on my right shoulder and put my other smaller bag with most of my accessories on my left shoulder before I got in the long line of people who were getting off. It took a little over ten long minutes for people to get off and let the rest of us off if we were getting off. I am so glad I am finally here! I can’t wait to see my best friend because it’s been a long time since I last saw him.

Before I know it, the line moves up and I am almost off. If these people in front of me could kick their arses in gear, I would already be off and meeting up with Liam after getting my bags. Soon enough, they finally step off and I am free to move freely about.

I go over to where people stood around where they were unloading all of the passengers’ bags who were getting off here. After I manage to grab my luggage, I begin to look around for Liam. As if on cue, I hear my phone begin to go off. I manage to pull my phone out from my pocket as I held on to my bags.

Without even looking at the caller id, I answer the call. “Hello?” I say in to the speaker as I hold the phone up to my ear and position it between my ear and shoulder as I begin to look around for him.

“Hey Mads! You here yet, love?” he asked as I start to look around through many throngs of people.

“Yeah, I’m here, Li. Just trying to find you,” I tell him as I continue to look around.

“I think you should turn around,” he says before the line goes dead. I put my phone up and turn around to see him standing there. He had a big smile on his face. My lips curve up in to a smile.

“Hey Madison! I’ve missed you!” Liam smiles coming forward and pulling me in a hug.

“Hey Liam! I’ve missed you too!” I tell him as I hug him back. We part from the hug a few minutes later.

“Let me help you, you seem like you need it,” he says and grabs my big suitcase from me and sets it down on the pavement before pulling up the handle to pull it behind him.

“Okay, thanks!” I tell him and smile. I put my duffel bag higher up on my shoulder along with my purse as he leads me toward a path that wasn’t very crowded.

He leads me over to a red car and opens the trunk before putting my suitcase in the back. I manage to toss my duffel bag in there as well.

“Come on, love, we should hurry before anyone spots us,” he says as he shuts the trunk and leads me over to the passenger side door of the car and opens it for me. Once I get in, he slams the door shut before he hurries over to the driver’s side and gets in before he drives off.

As he drives, we begin to talk about a ton of random things and catch up.

“Hope you don’t mind if we go straight over to Louis and Harry’s flat, the lads are all there including Danielle all waiting to meet you. They really want to meet you,” he says, looking over at me as he pulls in to a spot in the parking lot of a flat complex.

“It’s fine Liam. I’m glad I finally get to meet them!” I smile over at him as he shuts the engine off and pulls the key from the ignition.

“They are all really looking forward to meeting you,” he smiles as we get out and he locks the car after we shut the doors.

“I can’t wait to meet them as well,” I smile as I follow him up a flight of stairs. I follow him over to a door of a flat and pulls out a key from his pocket and sticks it in the key hole. After he unlocks it, he grabs the handle and turns it, pushing it open.

“Liam! You can’t just go bounding in to someone’s apartment even if they are your mates,” I state, looking up at him.

“Each of us has our own spare key, Madison,” he laughs softly as he looks at me.

“Oh,” I state and mentally slap myself on the forehead.

“Come on, their waiting for us,” he lightly pushes my back forward as I take a step inside the door. After I walk in, Liam shuts the door after he walks in.

“Come on Mads, let’s not keep them waiting,” he says as I look around the flat.

“Okay,” I say as I start to look around at my surroundings. I could definitely tell that this is a guys’ flat by how messy it is. There was a bunch of stuff just simply tossed everywhere and forgotten about most likely. Besides that, it was really nice.

Along the wall, there was a couch that took up most of the wall. There is a coffee table in front of the couch and lastly, a big screen television that was on the wall across from the couch. There was even stairs that led upstairs.

“Liam? Is that you?” I heard a girl’s voice from the next room over.

“It’s me, Dani,” he responds as a tall tan-skinned girl with super curly hair walks in the room. Four other boys walk in behind her. One of the other boys had his arm around the shoulder of a girl with long dark hair. She was pretty as well.

“Dani, El, lads, this,” Liam motions to me and looks at each of the boys who stood there. “Is my best friend, Madison,” he smiles at the boys before looking over at me.

“Hello, love,” a blond boy with blue eyes spoke up first, flashing a smile of braces. He had an accent, Irish I think? “I’m Niall,” he comes forward and pulls me into a tight hug. “It’s nice to finally meet ya, love,” he says smiling as we part from the hug.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you as well, love,” I smile politely as I look at him.

“Why hello, love,” a tall boy with dark hair with blond in it and dark eyes spoke up next, smiling warmly as he comes forward. He seemed reserved yet mysterious at the same time. “I’m Zayn, nice to meet ya,” he says and pulls me in to a hug.

“Nice to meet you too,” I smile as I hug him back. We pull away a few minutes later.

“Hi there, love,” a tall boy with light brown hair and blue eyes said, moving his arm from around the brunette girl and hugging me. “I’m Louis. It’s nice to finally meet you, love,” he says, smiling as we hug. We part from the hug a few minutes later.

“This here is my girlfriend Eleanor,” Louis motions to the girl on his left. She was really pretty. “I’m Eleanor, I’ve heard a lot about you from Liam here,” she says, laughing and pats his shoulder.

“Nice to meet you,” she pulls me in a hug. They made me feel so welcome already and I barely just got here.

Lastly, a curly haired boy came in to view. He was beautiful with emerald green eyes and a big cheeky smile on his face. “Hello, love, I’m Harry,” he said, eyeing me, a smirk on his lips.

“Madison,” I smile back as he comes forward to hug me. As he hugs me, it felt so natural being in his arms. I was getting way ahead of myself. What was I thinking? I had barely just gotten here and have barely met him let alone Liam’s other friends.

We pull away a few minutes later. “I’ve heard a lot about you, love,” he says, his lips curve up in to a wide smile, his dimples showing. God, I loved guys with dimples. I didn’t know what it was, they were just adorable. What was I thinking? Am I already starting to like him? I’ve just barely met him. Could I? I have no idea what it is but I really feel like I can be myself around him. And I hardly even know him, yet. I really wanted to.

“Madison,” Liam says, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Hu-what?” I ask as I turn to look at him.

“Meet my girlfriend Danielle,” he says, wrapping an arm around her.

“Hi, love, glad to actually finally meet you in person and not on a computer screen,” she says. I laugh at her remark.

“Same here!” I say.

For the next hour or so, we all hang out and I get to know Liam’s friends and girlfriend better. Turns out, I had a lot of things in common with both girls. I can tell that Eleanor, Danielle and I will be very close. I thought that coming here for the summer I would just be spending it with Liam and his crazy friends and band mates.

That wouldn’t have been too bad, but I’m glad that I can actually spend time with some girls my age too. It was going to be fun.

“Madison, Danielle and I are thinking of going back to our flat. Ready to go?” he walks in the doorway, holding a soda in his hand.

“Yeah, sure,” I look over toward the doorway of the living room. I was currently chatting with Eleanor.

I take a drink of my ice water from the red plastic cup that was sitting on a coaster on the coffee table. After I take a drink, I slowly get up and turn to Eleanor.

“It was really nice meeting you and talking with you, see you soon?” I ask, smiling a bit as I look at her.

“Yeah, of course, love. I’m glad I got to talk with you too,” she replies with a warm smile and gets up, pulling me in a friendly hug.

After we pull away from the hug, she pulls out her phone and holds it out to me. I take it from her and save my number in to her phone and hand it back to her. A few seconds later, I pull mine out from my bag and hand it over to her after typing my pass code in on my white iPhone. She types in her number before handing it back over to me. I glance at it to see that she had saved her name under as ‘Eleanor :)’

I pull my bag higher up on my shoulder and begin to walk over toward where Liam and Danielle stood, waiting for me. As I walk over to them, I feel someone take hold of my wrist, pulling me back slightly. I turn to be greeted by Harry staring at me, his green eyes boring in to my brown ones.

“Mind if I walk you out, love?” he says, smiling as he looks at me.

“Yeah, sure,” I respond, smiling back at him. He pulls his hand away from my wrist and lightly presses his hand on the small of my back as he leads me toward the door.

He walks me over toward the front door and opens it for me. I smile as he opens it for me. He seemed like the perfect gentleman. “So, I’ll see you soon, love? You’re staying at Liam and Dani’s flat, right?” he smiles at me. I nod in response as I turn toward him. He was leaning up against the door frame as he looks at me.

“I’d really like that,” I smile at him.

“Welcome to London, love,” he says and leans in, his lips brushing against my cheek. I smile and feel my cheeks heat up as I wave and tell him I’ll see him soon. I walk out and follow Liam and Danielle a couple doors down from Louis and Harry’s flat.

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