Sparks Fly

Madison is long-time best friends with Liam Payne. She grew up with him in their home town of Wolverhampton, England. She goes to London for the summer and stays with him in his flat. While she is there, he wants to introduce her to his best friends and band mates of One Direction. When he introduces her to a certain curly-haired cheeky boy, also known as Harry Styles, sparks begin to fly between them. Liam warns her to stay away from him and, but she doesn’t listen to him. She sneaks out to see him each and every chance they get. Things begin to heat up between Harry and Madison.

A story of love, heartache, friendship, trust, loss.


4. Going crazy over you

The lads and I just got back from being at a press conference today and talking about promoting Take Me Home, our new album. We were just relaxing at mine and Louis’ flat while we wait for the girls to get back from being out all day.

I can’t help but keep thinking of Madison even though I had just barely met her less than a day ago. I don’t know what it is but there is something different about her and I really want to get to know her better. She was beautiful and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I wanted to know more. She seems different than other girls I’ve been with. A small smile creeps up on my lips.

“Harry? Haz?” I jump a bit as I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder which pulls me from my thoughts of Madison. I look up to see Liam staring back at me, a small smile on his face.

“You alright, mate? You seemed dazed there for a minute or so,” he looks at me.

“Yeah, I’m fine Liam,” I respond smiling a bit, looking up to meet his brown eyes staring back into my own emerald green orbs.

“Harry! You’re smiling, mate! Why’s that?” Louis says loudly and takes a seat on the couch, next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder. He was smiling wide at me, his eyes just as wide too.

“Uh-” I start but soon get cut off by the sound of the door closing and the loud chatter as they talked. “Tell you later,” I whisper to him as the girls walk in to the room. Each of the girls had about five or six bags in their hands. I can’t help but stare at Madison, she was so beautiful.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting, mate,” he smiles and pats me on the shoulder before getting up to greet Eleanor with a kiss. Have to admit, I was kind of jealous.

We all sit and chat for an hour or so. I was sitting on the couch talking to Madison. She seems so different than the past girls I have been with that I never ended up with in the end. I wanted to get to know her better, I really do. As I stare at her, I can’t help but think about how beautiful she is. I have never seen a girl as beautiful as she is. Her dark hair and brown eyes were captivating.

“Uh, would you mind if I asked for your number?” I ask as I feel my lips curve up in to a smile while I look at her.

“Not at all,” she replies a warm smile on her face. She reaches in to her purse and pulls out her phone. After she does a few things, she hands it over to me. I take it out of her hand and save my name and number in to her phone under New Contact. So she knows that it is me, I even snap a picture of myself with the front camera on her iPhone. Once I was done, I place her phone back in her hand.

“Thanks,” she says and smiles over at me.

“It’s no problem, love,” I reply smiling back.

God, I am really starting to fall for her hard and I barely even met her a day ago. Would it be too soon to ask her out? If I did ask her, I hope she would say yes.

“Would you like to maybe hang out with me tomorrow? We have the next two days off,” I tell her with a smile.

“Sure, I would really like that,” she replies with a bright smile.

“Who wants to watch a movie?” Louis asks loudly. We all shift our gaze to where Louis sat with Eleanor on the couch. The two love birds that were crazy in love with each other were snuggled close together with their arms wrapped around each other. I really was jealous, I wanted a relationship like that, I really do.

Hopefully soon that will change and I could be in their position with a girl by my side, preferably with Madison if we ever get to that stage. I hope we do. Have to admit, I have always been one to meet the girl and then end up with her in bed but I wanted something different. I want something more than that, someone who will always be there for me and not mess around with my heart. I just want someone to love me for me and not just the fact that I am famous.

I shake the thoughts from my head as I look at Louis. “Sure!” we all state in unison.

“As long as it’s not Toy Story again,” Niall mumbles. I laugh at his remark.

“Hey! I heard that,” Liam mutters back.

“Guys, chill!” Louis yells a bit loud. The room falls silent. “So, what will it be? The Avengers, Love Actually, Taken or Grease,” he says and holds up each of the movies as he said the titles.

“Love, Actually!” I call out and smile widely at Louis. Almost all of us raised our hands in favor of watching Love, Actually. It is one of my favorite movies.

“Guess it’s settled then, Love Actually?” he asks once more before he puts the other movies back on the shelf.

“Yep!” we all say together loudly in unison. Louis puts the movie in and grabs the remote before taking a seat next to Eleanor. As we all sit there in the living room, waiting for Louis to start the movie, I feel my hand brush slightly against Madison’s. I glance over to see that we were sitting almost an inch or two apart from each other. I didn’t even notice beforehand. I look over at her and notice her cheeks turn a light shade of red.

“Sorry,” she mumbles softly and moves her hand to rest in her lap.

“It’s alright, love,” I tell her with a warm smile. I turn my attention back to the movie. After a few minutes, my eyes shift to Louis.

“Lou, are you going to play it or what?” I ask, smirking at him as I notice he and Eleanor were staring over at us, both of them with smiles on their faces. I knew they were probably whispering things to each other about Madison and I, since I bet the two noticed.

“Yeah, I am, mate, didn’t want to interrupt your, uh, moment there,” he smirks back at me.

“Shut up!” I mumble and cross my arms over my chest as the opening scene begins once he pressed play on the remote.

For the next few hours or so, we watch some movies and snack on some popcorn that Zayn got up and made.

As the third movie ended and the end credits began rolling, I look over and notice that Madison had fallen asleep and was resting her head on my shoulder. I didn’t want to interrupt her snooze, she looked so peaceful.

“Haz!” I look over and notice Liam looking back at me.

“Yeah?” I ask, quietly so I wouldn’t wake her up.

“Would you mind carrying Madison back to my flat for me? Since Dani here is asleep as well,” he motions to the girl in his arms. I nod.

“Sure, of course, mate,” I say softly as I move a bit and lightly push her off me and slowly pick her up bridal style and rest her head on my shoulder as I get up and make my way to the door of the flat. After we finally manage to get the door open, I walk out with Madison asleep in my strong arms. Liam soon follows after. We get to his flat a few moments later, since it is only a few doors down from mine and Lou’s.

Liam pulls out his keys and slips it in to the keyhole and turns it before pushing the door open. After he gets it open, I kick it lightly with my foot and walk in.

“What room is she staying in, mate?” I ask as I shift her a bit in my arms.

“First door down the hall from the top of the stairs, Harry,” he says and walks toward the room he shared with Dani.

“Alright, thanks Liam,” I tell him as I make my way toward the stairs careful as I could since I was holding on to Madison. After I make it to the top of the stairs, I head over to the first door down the hall from the top of the staircase and push the door open with my foot quiet as I could. I set her down on the bed and pull the covers over her sleeping form and press a soft kiss to her cheek. She stirs and pulls the blanket tighter around her.

“See you tomorrow, love,” I mutter to her before I turn and begin to walk out. I shut the door behind me as I walk out and slowly make my way down the stairs.

“Night Liam, see you later, mate,” I tell Liam and wave as a yawn slips out of my mouth.

“See you, Harry,” he looks over from the stove in the kitchen and smiles at me. I make my way out of his flat and shut the door behind me. I reach for the key in my pocket to get in to mine and Louis’ flat, but realized that I didn’t have it with me.

I bang on the door of the flat I shared with Louis. “Lou! Open the door, mate,” I say a bit loudly and knock on the door again. For the next few minutes, I wait for someone to come open the door. The door opens a few moments later.

“Oh, hey Haz! Where’d you go?” Louis asks and opens the door for me to walk in.

“Carried Madison back to Liam’s flat, she was dead asleep,” I say with a smile as I look over at him as the two of us walk in the living room.

“You like her, don’t you, mate?” Louis questions as we both take a seat on the couch. Eleanor wasn’t there; I guess she must’ve gone to bed.

“Yeah, I think I do, Lou,” I tell him with a small smile. A big yawn escapes my mouth as I open my mouth to speak again.

“El and I couldn’t help but notice by how you were talking and laughing with her, she seems perfect for you, Harry,” Louis says with a smile.

“I really want to get to know her better, I just don’t want to ruin it you know,” I tell him simply.

“Ruin what, mate?” he asks and puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Her relationship with Liam, I mean since they’ve been friends forever, like their whole lives practically.” I say as I look at him.

“Don’t stress, Harry, if it’s meant to be for you two, let it be,” he says.

“Alright, well I’m knackered, I’m going to hang out with Madison tomorrow,” I tell him and yawn loudly, I manage to cover my mouth as I yawn.

“Night mate,” Louis says as he gets up and walks over to his and Eleanor’s room that was right next to the stairs.

“Night,” I mutter as I make my way up the stairs and saunter in to my room and shut the door after I walk in. After I strip out of my clothes, I climb in to my bed and pull the sheets over my body. As I close my eyes, thoughts of Madison overtake my brain as I fall in to a deep sleep. I couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow and spend the day with her.

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