My Valentine<<3

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction
A girl Called Ash gets her Little Valentine Treat


1. The Start

                                             Now is the Time?




It was the Day before Your Valintine Disco! You were soo Excited, But the one thingThat kept Crossing your Mind was That you havent got a date.You Got up out of bed Brushed your Blonde Gourgeous Hair and tied it up in amessy Bun.You Brushed your teeth and put on your school clothes.Their was a small Bicuit on the side so you took it and ate i on the way toschool. You walk to school as it is only down the road. Today you were walking to school alone.All you can think about is that one Handsome Boy in your school who you would just love one Date with..."Niall" You mutterd under your breath You felt someone Grab Your waist From Behind And whispers in Your ear "Yes Ash?"He spun you around and Kissed you On the Lips.You diddnt Hesitate To kiss Back.You Looked into his Blue/Grey eyes and Fell In Love. "Niall" You said with a Surprised Look on your Face "Shhh..Dont Speack, My Family are Out and who caresAbout school you wanna come to mine?" Yes!, you said And he Picked you up and heldTight in his arms. When you got to his House he took you into His room He starrted Kissing you Passionatly He Grabbed your Bag and threw it on the Floor.You rapped your Legs around his as his tounge exsplored yours like never before He clunged your top and You started to make out.You Pulled his top.He Knew what you were trying to say so he pulled his top ofTo revel A Hunky 6-Pack You Smilled at that and he Pulled your Top of.You Licked all down his body From his Neck to the Waist Then back up.You layed on his cheast whilst he Made out with You.

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