My Valentine<<3

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction
A girl Called Ash gets her Little Valentine Treat


3. The End

                                                        Its Perfect


You look down at Niall Touching Your Neck.he makes his way back up and Snogs You.You love him Soooo much you dont no what to do so you Snog him back.He Tells you to get up and That you to were going shopping to go geta Dress for the Valintine Disco.You get up and he puts your top back on you.You both get in the Car and he drives.You stop at a Very Beautiful Shop Looks Like a designer shop.Niall Gets out and Opens your door for you.He holds your hand whilst you walk into the shop"Go look around Babe"Niall Says Letting Go off your Hand.You Walk Around the shop Looking at All the wonderfull Dresses..."Hello, Sir can i Help you"The women at the desk asked me."Yes, I would Like you to design a dress for my Girlfriend"I told the women"Okay how would you like it?"The Nice women Said"I would like a medium lengthed Dress , Purpile with Sparkels and A bitPuffy at the bottem" I asked her PolitlyShe anwserd with Okay..Like this?? She showed me a note pad with an ideasketch of what i asked for. Perfect I said Just brillant"How much would it be?" I asked "£20,000 and t will take 6 hours to make will you come back her to collect it?Is that okay?""Yes, Thats Okay i would spend any amount of money on my beautiful""Ash!" Niall CallsI walk over to him And he Tells me that were going back home for a little while heHeld my Hand and we walked back to the Car.We are now home and we both get out of the car. He holds my waist and we went Backinto his room.His parents still arnt back untill March So Me and Niall can Be alone.Niall Starts to touch me and Kissis Me and i Kiss back and Rub my Hand threwhis hair.He Licks my neck and Touches me All over i can help it I love him So i Make out With him. He slips his Tougne in My mouth and we stand their in his Hall WayMacking Love.Thats How i spent my Valintine With my wonderful Boyfriend Niall.


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