My Valentine<<3

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction
A girl Called Ash gets her Little Valentine Treat


2. Its Alright

Its Fine Go ahead!

You Layed on His chest as he Made out with You....He slowley got up and Dimmed the Lights and Lit some Candles Around the room And put some Slow Music on.And you Hugged on His bed. He whisperd in Your Ear"Ash dont just be my Valintine be My girlfriend And the Love of my Life"You Imadiatly Anwser "Niall, I will be your Girlfriend For ever as long as you dont love any girl more than me" You said With a Smile on your face"I will Love one girl more than you...2 He whisperd"What?" You said Surprissed"I will, And she will Call You..........Mummy!" He said With Hs Lips Touching yoursYou Smiled And Let him Kiss you.Then Next song turned on and guss what it was.........ROCK ME!He startted Signning to you Then when the Chrous came on He came over to you and LetHis body take controll. His Tougne Slipped down your Throught And you diddnt MindAt all.He Pushed you up against the Wall and Made out with you. You felt his Body and He ran His Hands throgh your Hair.He startted touching you up and asked if it was okay You anwserd with a "Just do it"So he did (I think we now what happens next)"Ash your amazing"Niall said with a cheekey Grin xxAs he Looked at his watch"Wow it is 1:30am""Wow,Niall I love you!""Ash...Happy Valintines Day!"And he startted to Make out Again I cant get enoghth of youNiall SaysYour Mine. You say when He is touching Your Neck 

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