My adopted story

This is a story of a adopted girl . She thinks it's all going to be a happy ending but is it


1. the start of my story

When my Mum was 17 and Dad was 19 my Mum found out she was having a baby but they didn't want it because they were too young .So they found a family to adopt me when I was born , 9 months later I was here and my new family loved me with all their heart . As the years goes on we all are happy I have a adopted sister as well . But  when I was 8 years old  one day my Mum didn't come home from work  and  we never saw her again. Then my Dad had a break down and had to go in some home and me and my sister go put in to care . Two weeks later my sister got adopted  a few months goes passed i was still in care then i kept getting moved from house to house it was so annoying! Finally I turned 16 once I was 16 I got a job and I got money to rent a flat after i got my life good I started seeing this boy called Jake he was 17 and a half he was so lovely to me .After about three months he moves in with me and we are happy .Two years have passed about three weeks after my 18th birthday we find out we are having a baby we are so happy coundn't be happier! 9months now I have a lovely sweet baby girl called Emma she is just so cute .We get home and i get a text from a number I didn't know saying ("Hey I heard you had a baby i'm so happy for you") I reply saying (" Umm thanks but who are you") no reply back.Two weeks later I get a text from that number it said ("it's your sister") after that I just dropped my phone and never replied back.Years has gone passed I'm now 29 with 3 kids 2 girls called Emma aged 11 and Poppy aged 8 also a boy called Ben aged 5 . kids are doing great at school and Jake is my husband now he works at a bank and I work at a school and we all are really happy couldn't ask for a better family


 But then that happy feeling turns into a unknowing feeling because thats not all the family I have

The End

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