Living Without Her

Crimson Echo Dixon is now 23 years old. She was 17 when her girlfriend, Lana Jane Parks, was severely burned in a house fire and died a day later. Everyday, she thinks about her. Crimson wonders if she'll ever let Lana go.

This is Crimson's life, and it still feels like Lana is in control.

This is the sequel to "My Angel".


11. Misunderstandings

It's another two days before I open my eyes.

It's two days where I listen to my heartbeat, to the whir of doctors, to someone pacing often, to patients coughing and people crying. It's possibly the two loneliest days I've ever had.

Cassandra's there when I wake up, staring at me with a blank expression.

"Do you remember me?" she asks quietly.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?"

A nurse rushes in and checks everything hastily. "Nice to see everything is working fine. How's your head? Are you seeing things?"

I don't say a thing. She's talking too fast for me to even try to reply.

A doctor comes in now, and Cassandra turns to look out a window in the room.

"Do you remember anything from recently?" the doctor asks in his low, hushed voice.

"Lana was singing. Pierce The Veil. And then the stereo started blasting the song. She kept telling me to get away from Cass, and to love her, not Cass."

He scribbles a few things down quickly on a piece of paper clipped to the clipboard. "Did you see her?"

"Everyday, more often than not."

Another note is jotted down and he looks at me. "More testing will need to be run, but I think you may be suffering from schizophrenia." He walks away without another word.

"You know, she's not here," Cass finally says. "I am though. Lana is gone." She sighs. "You tried to talk to 'Lana' while I was around a couple of times, and it scared me."

"But, she really was there! I saw her; I heard her."

"It's all in your head darling. Lana is dead."

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