Living Without Her

Crimson Echo Dixon is now 23 years old. She was 17 when her girlfriend, Lana Jane Parks, was severely burned in a house fire and died a day later. Everyday, she thinks about her. Crimson wonders if she'll ever let Lana go.

This is Crimson's life, and it still feels like Lana is in control.

This is the sequel to "My Angel".


10. Confusion

"Get away from her."

"You only love me."

"Don't leave me."

Lana won't shut up.

"Do you really want to be with that whore, Cassandra? I loved you first."

"Please, just stop." The medication isn't working anymore. I'm taking double the amount; I go through life half-high, but yet, I still hear her, still see her.

"I changed my mind.," Lana whispers in my ear. "Come with me. Leave this horrible planet."

"Please, just stop! Stop it Lana!"

In the shower, I hear her singing.

"She sits up high, surrounded by the sun

One million branches and she loves-"

She's cut off by the song coming on through the stereo in the living, cranked up at full blast.


Give her some air.

She's finally reaching signs of waking.

Wake up.

Where am I? I think

The air smells sterile and I guess at the hospital again. My eyes are too heavy to open, so I don't even try.

Miss Dixon, can you hear us? Give us a sign.

It's too hard, I tell them silently.

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