Madly In Love

18 year old Chirstina, loves to take long walks on the beach while listening to music, when one day, she met someone she didn't think she would ever meet and falls madly in love with him so easily. Was it a good idea to fall for him like that?


1. Moving from Home

"MOM! Why are you making me leave! All my friends and family is here!"

"Sweetheart, I know, Im really sorry! I don't want to move either, but we have no choice."

I ran up to my room, and started bawling my eyes. Then i heard a knock on my door. It was my mother.

"Are you already to go? Is everything packed?" my mother asked with sad eyes. I always hated seeing my mother upset. It always made me cry. Whenever, i seen anyone i loved so much cry, i would always start crying. I dont know why, i guess its just who i am.

"Yeah, i just have to pack a few more things, i wont be long." I said while getting up from my bed. And with that, my mother walked out of the room. I was moving to London. My mom got a nursing job there and shes always wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl. I was happy for her but i was mad too!

When we got to the airport, we got something to eat and sat on the plane waiting to go. It was 30 minutes before take off and i had already fallen asleep on my mothers shoulder. Hopefully I didn't snore or drool.

It was a 4 hour plane ride to London. I slept the whole way there. When we got to London, we rented a hotel room for the night, so we could go find the new house in the morning. The hotel was nice. It had a big pool, and a big buffet. I slept most of the time, while we were at the hotel. My mother was on the phone with her new boss and talking about how beautiful London is, and when she starts her new job.

The next day we went to our new house and i unpacked everything! The house was really big for only two people. My mom and dad had gotten divorced when i was 7. I never really understood why, but i never ask or talk about it with my mom. Ever since they got divorced, I haven't seen my dad. The last time i seen him was at my softball game. I seen him watching but i didn't talk to him because he left before the game ended. I was upset at the fact that i haven't talked to him in years, and when i finally see him and i think i got the chance to talk to him, hes gone.

Anyway, the house had a beach in the backyard. It was big and the view was beautiful! When i was finished unpacking my stuff, i went outside and walked along the shoreline of the beach. The sand was golden brown, and soft. The water was a bright blue color, and wasn't to cold.

I took my ipod with me to listen to music, while i was walking along the shoreline, when all of a sudden, I seen 5 gorgeous guys, laughing and joking around with each other. I didn't know what to think or do. Do i just keep walking and act like i didn't hear or see them? or do i turn around and go back home like nothing ever happened? I just stood there, looking up and then I heard one of the boys say something like: 'Look, someones over there.' Then i heard another voice saying: 'Should we go see who it is?' Then all of a sudden, i see the 5 gorgeous boys coming towards me.

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