Madly In Love

18 year old Chirstina, loves to take long walks on the beach while listening to music, when one day, she met someone she didn't think she would ever meet and falls madly in love with him so easily. Was it a good idea to fall for him like that?


3. Goodnight text

I wasn't that tired when i went up to my room. I couldn't stop thinking about the blonde boy. He was the one that caught my eye.

As i was getting ready for bed, doing my normal bed routine, i got a text. It was from Niall. "Hey, its Niall, what are you doing tomorrow? I'd like to take you and show you around London!" I didn't text him back until five minutes later. I was surprised he texted me. "I'm not doing anything tomorrow. I'd love to explore my new home city with you! Thank you, see you tomorrow! Goodnight." With that, i feel fast asleep.


~The next morning~

I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. I checked my phone and i had another text from Niall. "Meet on the beach where we were yesterday at 12 ! See you then" I immediatly smiled at the text after reading it. Is it possible to have feelings for somone after meeting them one day? There was just something about him.

I looked at the clock and it was only 10. I went downstairs to get something to eat.

"Goodmorning Sweetie!" My mother said with a huge smile on her face.

"Goodmorning mom! Can you please pass me a plate?" My mother passed me a plate and sat down at the table already set up in the kitchen. When we got to the new house yesterday, a few things were already set. My mothers new boss had bought us a few things for making us move here where we don't no anybody, and starting a new job.

"Do you know what you want to do for school? I hear theres a good school right around the corner." My mother said looking at the newspaper. The first thing my mother does every morning is sit down at the table, with a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper.

"I'll go look at that school then. I don't want to go anywhere far from here." I said walking out of the kitchen with a full plate of food.

After i finished eating my breakfast, it was already 10:45. I took my plate to the sink and  rinsed it off. I went to my bedroom and put our my clothes for the day. I was going to wear a neon pink halter top, with my white Hollister booty-shorts, that my uncle back at home absolutley hated. I was really close to my uncle. He always helped me and my mom if we needed the help since my father wan't around. I really appreciated it because after my parents divorce she was always stressed, and torn, and she blamed herself. I feel really bad about.

Anyway, I was wearing white sandals, I let my hair down. It was a little windy out, so my hair would flow back. My blonde hair always glowed in the sun. I did my normal make-up routine.

"Bye mom! I'm going to explore the town a little bit with some friends i met yesterday on the beach!" I shut the door, and put my big, pink sunglasses on.

Once i got to the beach where i was last night, Niall was already there waiting for me.

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