Madly In Love

18 year old Chirstina, loves to take long walks on the beach while listening to music, when one day, she met someone she didn't think she would ever meet and falls madly in love with him so easily. Was it a good idea to fall for him like that?


6. Do you really like me?

Christina's P.O.V

When i woke up i got a text. I guess i didn't hear my phone go off. It was a text from Niall. He wanted me to go go-karting with him. I texted him back saying I'd love too. I hope this wouldn't be awkward, because, ya know, he kinda told me he liked me last night, and i liked him. After i texted him he texted me almost immediatley back.

"Okay, i'll pick you up from your house at 3?"

"Yeah, thats perfect." I responded to his text after looking at the clock. It was only 1 o'clock. I had to hours to get ready. I should probably go take a shower. I walked into the kitchen to get something to eat first. When i walked in the kitchen my mom was already in there with her cup of coffee and reading the morning newspaper.

"Hey mom! Im going out with a friend i met the other night. He's picking me up at 3." I said, my mom looking up from the paper.

"He, huh?" My mom raised her eyebrow and had a smirk on her face while saying this. My mom was more of the awkward type. She loved to make things awkward. 

"MOM! I like him, and i dont want you ruining things between us because last night, he told me he liked me too. So, if you could just act normal for once? Please mom! I haven't been happy since Matt dumped me for that snotty cheerleader! When im with Niall, he makes me forget about Matt! Pleeeease mom! Just until he become closer?" My mom looked at me and sighed.

"Fine! But only until you get closer! You now its hard for me to be normal." My mom had a small smile. I loved my mom. I told her everything and i knew she could help me. Ever since Matt and I broke up, i havent felt the same. I feel almost sad, and tired all the time. But when im with Niall, im the normal me. Crazy, happy, energenic.

I grabbed a banana, kissed my moms cheek, and left the room. I went to my bedroom and went to my closet. I had everything set up and put in places, so i didn't have to go through boxes. Anyway, i walked over to my closet and grabbed a pair of blue short-shorts, an orangey colored sequened tank top, and my white sandals. I set them on my bed and took a shower. When i got out of the shower, it was already a quarter to 2. I put my clothes on and walked to my bathroom. I towel dried my hair and brushed it out. My beach blonde hair was naturaly striaght so I normally let it dry itself. I put on my make-up. I dont wear a lot. Just some eye-liner on the bottom, mascara, a little bit of cover up, i dont cake my face with it, and some light eye shadow. When i finished, i had 10 minutes to spare. I played on my phone and then i heard a knock on the front door. My mom got to the door before i could.

"Hello. Is Christina here?" I could hear Niall from upstairs.

"Yeah, one second. Let me go get her." I heard my mom coming up the stairs. "Christina! Someone's here for you." I walked out of my room. Before, i walked out, i grabbed my big sunglasses, and put them on my head. "Im guessing thats him" I gave my mother a glare and she just kind of looked at me like what did i do.

Niall's P.O.V.

When i seen Christina walk down the stairs after her mom, i felt my heart stop. She was so beautiful, the way her gorgeous bleach blonde hair flowed and shined in the sunlight. The way her eyes twinkled. She was beautiful. I knew i had to make her mine, and i was going to. I just didn't know how.

"Hey Niall." She smiled at me.

"Hey Christina. You ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, just let me go get my things and then I'll be ready. If you want, you can come

in while i go get them." I walke inside and closed the door behind me. Christina came into the room with a big purse hanging from her shoulder.
"Are you sure you want to take that huge purse with you? We're going putt-putting and go-karting and im sure you wouldn't want to carry that around. Plus, you're not gonna need anything." I said.

"I guess your right" She smiled at me and put her purse on the couch and grabbed a few dollars out of it. Her smile was so big, and her teeth shined so bright.

"You're not gonna be needing any money. I'm gonna pay for you." I looked her straight in her eyes.

"No you're not. I couldn't let you do that."

"I want too." She sighed and walked out the door. i walked her to my car. I opened the door and she stepped in and we drove away. The car ride was silent until Christina broke the silence.

"Umm, Niall?" "Yeah?" "Last night, when you said you liked me. Do you really?" I was shocked that she had asked me that. "Yes, and im really, truley sorry. I guess, it just kind of slipped out. I dont know how, but it did." I seen her looking at me from the corner of my eye. "Im sorry i didn't answer you last night. I was just shocked because, i like you too." Oh my god. I cant believe this. She actually likes me. I freaked out for nothing. I looked over at her and she was looking down, twiddling her fingers.

We got to our destination and everyone was already there. Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. We walked up to them and everyone gave Christina a hug. I didn't mind, now that i knew Christina liked me.


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