Finally found you

A normal girl called victoria people call her tory what happens when she meets one direction in a concert will she be harry's?


3. Two days later

I was so excited the concert was today at 6:00 p.m. I was running around myself not knowing what to wear till i called my fashion assistant KATIE!
My phone started to ring. I ran to answer. I read the contact ID it was Tory. I answered. "Hey girl ready to go to the CONCERT?!?!" I said. " well umm not really. I need you to choose for me an outfit.." Tory said. "Dear fashion model, I AM COMING ON MY WAY!!! " i said with a huge smile on my face. We started laughing we said bye to each other.
I was running around my self till i heard the door bell ring. I opened the door. I found kate i had a huge smile on my face. I gave her a hug and welcomed her.
2 hours after i wore the best outfit ever. It was a green dress with white flowers on it with white heels. I curled my hair. Put on lip gloss and mascare. I was ready to rock my self for the show!
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