Finally found you

A normal girl called victoria people call her tory what happens when she meets one direction in a concert will she be harry's?


5. The partyyyy

When the concert finished all of the girls rushed out except for me and umm around 40 girls. We went to the boys' party. Kate was jumping around like a little kid. When we arrived at the boys' flat. We were so excited but i was still puzzled why would harry like me?
Today was an amazing day but the best thing was when i saw this girl with sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair. She was so cute and pretty. Hey eyes are irresistible. She looked funny and cute in the same time when i asked her to take her phone. " HARREEEHHHHH!!!!!!!" Said Louis. "BOOOO BEAAAAAR!!!!!!!" I said both of us started laughing. *zayn makes this funny slide with his shoes* " vas happenin?!?!?!" Zayn said. Well he fell on me and louis said "heey what about me? I wanna join too." So louis decides to jump on us. We start laughing.we heard the doorbell ring. Louis ran to open the door. All the girls entered.
As soon as we entered all of the girls jumped on the boys. I was just standing there. It was like a sea full of girls. I said hi to the boys and sat down on the couch. Just waiting till all of these girls leave the boys alone. I wonder if they get annoyed from the girls..
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