Finally found you

A normal girl called victoria people call her tory what happens when she meets one direction in a concert will she be harry's?


6. The party part 2

So when the crowd got less harry came and sat next to me with a huge smile on his face. I waved hi to him. He waved back. P.S: i didnt really know what to do.. We started talking and then he asked me for my name and phone number and i took his phone number. I liked him alot. His eyes are so beautiful. But i liked him for him. I got a call from my mom i excused myself to talk to my mum. "Hello mum!" "Hello sweety are you enjoying your time?" " yes mom alot and thanks for checking on me." " anything for my little pie bye for now!" "Bye!" As soon as i finished the call i went back to harry. He asked me for a hangout.. " umm ya sure where and at what time?" "At 5:00p.m. Is it ok with you? To nandos." "Oki doki" both of us laugh.i tell him that i have to leave we gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I take kate to her car and go back home. Actually she is staying at my house only for 2 days
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