Finally found you

A normal girl called victoria people call her tory what happens when she meets one direction in a concert will she be harry's?


8. Messages

I decided to go back to bed. Not knowing what to do.(cuz I couldn't sleep) I just stayed there.. In bed. My phone buzzed. I checked my phone. It was a message. But guess from who! IT WAS FROM HARRY STYLES OF 1D!!!! I'm going crazy and I didn't even read the message! So I read the message and it said.....

Harry: hey Tory if you are awake n couldn't sleep please get ready and send me a message for the place of house is xxx

Tory: sure Harry . I live at (invent ur own).
I wonder why did Harry choose ME? Did he like me? Or trying to use me? I have a lot of questions in my head
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