Finally found you

A normal girl called victoria people call her tory what happens when she meets one direction in a concert will she be harry's?


4. Harry what?!

We gave the tickets. We sat in our seats AT THE FIRST ROW. We were excited. " what if harry saw me and liked me?" I said. "What if niall saw me and liked me?" Both of us started laughing. Till the concert started. The boys came on stage. Harry made my heart melt. Niall made katy's heart melt. (I call her kate or katy). All of them started screaming including kate .-. Except for me i just stood up and started taking pictures with my phone. Till i felt a person with a smell of apple juice close to me. I found harry staring at me while singing. When he finished his part he told me to give him my phone. I gave him my phone. I was puzzled. Why would a celeb. Ask to take my phone? He started taking a video of five of them. Then he gave me my phone. I opened my phone to see the video. I started laughing, i showed it to katy she started laughing. In the video harry said to meet him at the party so we can be friends, my mouth opened. I felt like fainting
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