Down To Earth

What happens when someone lands into a world they have never been to and falls in love with a mortal ? Will this stir things up ?

Please read and give any feedbacks
It would really help... Thanks :)


3. Oriel's POV

What happened ? i slowly opened my eyes to see a beautiful color of hazel staring down at me. my vision was a blur but it began to slowly adjust. I cautiously sit up to find my self in purple room filled with posters of guys, thats kinda...creepy. Ugh! What is this painful feeling in my head? I place my hands to my head to indicate that it hurts. "Headache?" Her voice it sounds familiar. "What's a headache?" I ask, wanting to hear her voice. "Haha it when your head hurts." Her voice, her eyes, her lips.... Her lips. I stare at her lips as she bites down softly on them, I want to press my lips against hers. What's the word I'm looking for ? I know it starts with a k.  "Can I ask your name?" She jumped at little, I guess she forgot I was there. "Izzy" she replied. "That's a beautiful name." "Th-thanks." "One more question.. Umm where am I ?" "In Round Rock." "Oh, ok thanks. Well I guess I should get going." "No! I mean, no please stay?" "Why?" I raised my eyebrow and have her a devilish smile. "Umm because?" I didn't want to leave, but I needed her to tell me why she wanted me to stay. I've never had a lover, and I've never actually loved someone. Back where I came from we weren't allowed to love each other in the way humans did. But looking at izzy and sitting just inches from her face made me want to stay with her, forever. I looked at her and said," because?" "Well I hit you with my car, I have to do something to make it up to you" she said not taking her eyes off the floor. She makes my stomach flip every time she talks. I placed my hand under her chin and pulled her face put to mine. I had know Idea what to do. I moved closer to her and slowly placed my lips againts hers. We sat there for two seconds with our lips pressed together, she slowly moved away and stood up. "Umm, I need to check something can you wait here for a couple minutes?" Did I do something wrong? "Yeah, sure I have know where else to go." "Alright th-" That's where I remembered her voice from. She's the one I saved earlier. "Wait, when I pulled you out of the water you told your mom sorry, for what?" "Um I did-wait that was you that saved me?" "Yes" "Oh, thanks for saving me." "Why were you saying sorry to you mother?" Before she could answer she fell to the floor. I soon started to feel a dizziness rush through my head, I feel to the floor soon after she did. What was going on? Am I starting to feel what humans feel ?

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